Fuel costs and increasingly strict regulation on ship emissions mean, in order to remain competitive, shipping companies are required to optimize their ships’ propulsion technologies with continual developments in ships and marine technology.The Motorship serves the shipping industry with news targeted to help marine technology professionals succeed in their jobs and better understand the market in which they work.It is a vital resource for ship owners, ship builders and all who are connected with shipping and the sea.

Testimonials from our readers:

VIS WALAB "In spite of so many journals and magazines making their appearance in the Global Marine Scene Motorship continues to hold its own in terms of the quality of the contents, the extent of coverage and the quality of the presentation"  Dr.Vis, Director, Viswa Lab

"Excellent worldwide coverage"

"As a superintendent ... it's always interesting to read issues reference different propulsion systems"

"Very useful for finding worldwide maritime information"

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