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Marine Survey

Maritec offers the full range of marine surveying services. Our professional survey staff comprise of Master Mariners and Chief Engineers with many years of sea experience sailing on a wide category of ships including many years of on-shore experience as professional marine surveyors and consultants.

Based in Singapore, one of the busiest ports in the world, Maritec operates 365 days a year with our surveyors on standby 24 hours a day, operationally ready to attend onboard any vessel at sea or in port at short notice.

Whenever a survey is required outside of Singapore at any port in the world, Maritec always has a team on standby ready to fly from our base to any location at short notice. Maritec has licensed appraisers, arbitrators and senior professionals who can act as expert witnesses or intermediaries in any legal, dispute and claims cases.

Maritec also provides consultancy services for various marine projects. All of Maritec's Marine Surveyors are highly qualified and experienced. All our survey services are backed by ISO 9002 Accreditation assuring you of the highest standards of service and quality.

Bunker Quantity Transfer Survey & Quality Sampling

Maritec is a leading marine surveying firm in Singapore carrying out thousands of bunker quantity transfer and quality sampling surveys each year in the ports and anchorages of Singapore and Malaysia.

Maritec has over 15 years of experience in the bunker industry and has a qualified and dedicated team of bunker surveyors who are qualified and reliable in verifying bunker quantities on your behalf. All our bunker surveyors are licensed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and very experienced.

Maritec carries out bunker surveys in Singapore according to the Singapore Standrad CP:60 and CP:77 which are the code of practices issued by the government for bunker tankers and bunker surveyors.

Maritec prides itself on its quality of service and all our bunker surveyors go through both internal and external training before performing surveys on their own. Maritec's bunker survey service is also ISO 9001 certified by ABS.

Maritec's Bunker Survey service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are able to respond to any job request at short notice. We are also available 24 hours a day to attend to any dispute matter onboard your ship.

Petroleum Chemical Testing Services

Maritec Laboratories is an Independent Testing Laboratory with its core business in Petroleum and Chemical Testing. Our laboratory operates on a fast, flexible, economically viable approach without compromise on quality or service.

Our extensive range of new modern analytical instruments enable us to provide superior analytical support to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Maritec conducts tests on petroleum and chemical products using the latest international test methods such as ASTM, ISO, CIMAC, IP, UOP and so on.

We are also able to carry out analysis according to customer specified methods and specifications. When using Maritec, you can expect the highest quality and reliability. Our testing standards are certified with the ISO9001 / SAC-SINGLAS (Singapore Accreditation Council-Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) accreditation and our rating in the ASTM Inter-Laboratory Cross-Check Program ranks Maritec with major labs around the world.

Using our global courier service network, you can safely send your sample to Maritec for analysis from anywhere in the world. Maritec Worldwide Fuel Oil Testing Program With our core expertise in petroleum testing, Maritec has developed a customized fuel management and preventive maintenance program for ship owners and operators where samples of marine fuel are flown back to our lab and analyzed before actual use.

Customers in this program receive analysis reports with technical and operational advice from our lab giving customers peace of mind by screening fuel before use minimizing engine damage and losses from disrupted schedules due to breakdowns.

Maritec Worldwide Fuel Testing Program

The Maritec Worldwide Fuel Testing Program is specifically designed for ship owners and operators whose vessels receive marine bunkers at ports all around the world.

Our Marine Fuel Quality Testing Program allows samples to be flown back to our laboratory in Singapore for analysis and serves as a Machinery Damage Prevention & Fuel Management Program highlighting potential problems in a particular fuel before they are allowed to happen.

Due to the possibility of bad quality bunkers being supplied around the world, ship owners and operators join our program and use our global express courier service to send samples of fuel drawn by the Vessel's Chief Engineer for analysis in our laboratory before consumption by the ship's engines.

Analysis results are compared against the ISO 8217 standard for the relevant grade of fuel and accompanied by operational and technical advice covering:

Fuel Usage & Storage
On-board Fuel Treatment
Recommendations for maximizing fuel efficiency
Detection of waste lube oils & other contaminants in the fuel

Fuel Ignition and Combustion Quality

Maritec uses the latest technology and test methods in analyzing marine fuels. When comparing test results against standard petroleum grades, MARITEC uses the latest ISO 8217: 2005 standard.
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