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Scrubbers cause rise in pipe repairs
Underwater repair specialist Hydrex has noted an increase in work on pipes and overboard outlets of ships that have had exhaust gas cleaning systems (or ‘scrubbers’) fitted. 14 Feb 2018
Reducing rudder repair costs
Hydrex Underwater Technologies says that its new alternative underwater habitat for rudder repairs is saving shipowners thousands of dollars in emergency drydocking costs. 07 Nov 2016
Antarctic ship proves paint durability
Belgian company Ecospeed reports that when British Antarctic Survey's RRS Ernest Shackleton was drydocked recently in Denmark, checks on the condition of the hull paint showed it to be virtually intact. 30 Aug 2011
On site bow thruster re-installation keeps ship out of drydock
Belgian company Hydrex reports that it recently mobilised a diver/technician team to a 300m container ship in Hong Kong to reinstall a bow thruster which exhibited problems after being overhauled. 15 Sep 2011
Paint product ends cavitation damage
Ecospeed vinylester glassflake coatings are said to have successfully ended a rudder cavitation damage problem on a class of five ro-ro vessels operated in Finland and managed by Hamburg-based Ernst Russ. 15 Sep 2011
Hydrex repairs propeller blades
Hydrex divers and technicians have carried out underwater repairs on a 290m container vessel in Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory. 12 Jun 2012
Hydrex appoints UK agent
Belgian underwater repair specialist, Hydrex, has appointed a UK agent as part of its expanding network “to keep up with demand”. 22 Jul 2013
Underwater blade replacement keeps ship out of drydock
In April, underwater repair company Hydrex carried out bow thruster blade replacements on a 270m container ship in Barcelona. 30 Apr 2014
Hydrex appoints UK agent
Belgium-based Hydrex has appointed European Marine and Machinery Agencies Ltd as agent for the UK and Ireland for its underwater maintenance and repair services and Ecospeed and Ecoshield products. 23 Oct 2014
Continued success for Ecoshield
Underwater technology expert, Hydrex, reports that sales of its rudder protective coating Ecoshield, are going from strength to strength. 02 Mar 2015
Hydrex keeps vessels out of drydock
Belgian underwater service company, Hydrex, has successfully completed insert repairs on two vessels in Zeebrugge and Antwerp while all commercial activities continued without disruption. 02 Mar 2015