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P&E 2017 deemed a resounding success
Taking place between the 10th-11th May, the 2017 conference welcomed high calibre speakers, delegates and sponsors from all over the globe. Discussions on the current issues and developments facing the shipping industry coupled with ample networking opportunities ensured that the conference was deemed a success by delegates. 11 Dec 2017
Gas Fuelled Ships 2017 highlights long-term viability of LNG
Insights into the future of LNG and other lowflash point fuels offered at The Motorship’s 2017 Conference 11 Dec 2017
Mercator Media Ltd teams up with EWP Communications
A ports magazine, e-news and series of events specifically aimed at issues thrown up by the growing environmental agenda is the subject of a new venture by Mercator Media. Called GreenPort, the publications will provide news – and analysis. 24 Sep 2010
Second Motorship GFS conference begins
The second Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference got underway on 26 October in Rotterdam, where a capacity audience gathered in the main meeting room at the top of the Inntel Rotterdam Centre hotel. 26 Oct 2011
Gas fuelled ships conference – first day
The second day of the Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference in Rotterdam – now underway – began with a roundup by conference chairman John Aitken of SEAaT of the previous day’s discussion points. 27 Oct 2011
LNG – here to stay, but not the only solution
The Motorship’s second Gas Fuelled Ships conference took place in Rotterdam on 26/27 October in Rotterdam and was judged, like its predecessor in Hamburg, a great success. 15 Dec 2011
Important warning to our clients and readers
It has come to the notice of Mercator Media, publisher of ‘The Motorship’, that bogus organisations are continuing to contact subscribers, advertisers and exhibitors, supposedly on behalf of Mercator Media. 18 Nov 2011
Better website search for The MotorShip
The parent company of The MotorShip, Mercator Media, has today launched new and improved ‘search’ functionality for its websites that will provide users with more relevant results, faster. 01 Dec 2011
Propulsions & Emissions Conference 2012 - Call for papers
The 2012 Motorship Propulsions & Emissions Conference, organised by Mercator Media Ltd, has opened its call for papers today. 13 Dec 2011
Gas Fuelled Ships Conference 2012 – Call for papers
The call for papers has been announced for Mercator Media’s third Gas Fuelled Ships Conference this year, being held from 12-14 September in Bergen, Norway. 02 Apr 2012
Propulsion & Emissions Conference 2012
The 34th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference will take place in Hamburg, Germany on 23-24 May 2012 - it aims to give all ship operators, owners and managers the perfect platform to discuss plans for upcoming sulphur emission targets. 03 Apr 2012
Industry backs Propulsion & Emissions Conference
Mercator Media’s 34th Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference, being held in Hamburg, Germany on the 23-24 May 2012, is getting full backing from the industry. 24 Apr 2012
Delegates booking fast for P&E 2012
The 34th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference 2012 is pleased to announce attendance from a large berth of ship owners and operators for the event on 23–24 May, in Hamburg. 03 May 2012
Motorship Conference countdown
There is just one week to go until the 34th Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference which will take place on 23 and 24 May 2012 in Hamburg. 16 May 2012
The Motorship’s P&E34 kicks off in Hamburg
The Motorship’s 34th Propulsion and Emissions conference has got under way in Hamburg. 170 delegates have signed up for this important event which addresses the critical question of forthcoming sulphur limits. 23 May 2012
Engines, fuels and alternative power round off day one at P&E34
The 34th Propulsion and Emissions Conference is continuing at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg. Under the chairmanship of Dr Pierre Sames of GL, sessions two, three and four completed the first day. 23 May 2012
P&E34 winds up successfully
The second day of The Motorship’s 34th Propulsion & Emissions conference in Hamburg began with a session on exhaust gas cleaning, following an introduction from the day’s chairman, Dr Fabian Kock from Germanischer Lloyd. 25 May 2012
Gas Fuelled Ships programme announced
The provisional programme has been released for the Gas Fuelled Ships Conference 2012, organised by Mercator Media Ltd, which will take place from 12-14 September in Bergen, Norway. 27 Jun 2012
Gas Fuelled Ships 2012 programme now available
The provisional programme for The Motorship’s Gas Fuelled Ships conference 2012, to be held in Bergen, Norway, 12-14 September, is now available. The event includes technical visits to LNG marine fuel facilities. 11 Jul 2012
Third gas fuelled ships conference moves to Bergen
With The Motorship’s third gas fuelled ships conference due to take place in Bergen, Norway, on 12-14 September, we look at the current position for gas as a viable alternative fuel for general shipping. 08 Aug 2012
LNG fuel – “The chickens are here”
The Motorship’s third annual Gas Fuelled Ships conference has got under way in Bergen, Norway, and has scored another resounding success, with many involved in the industry anxious to explore this powering option. 12 Sep 2012
GreenPort Congress – towards sustainability
The seventh GreenPort Congress was held during the first week of October 2012 in Marseille - during which nearly 200 environmental experts across the sector came together to discuss working towards a continuous commitment to sustainable operations. 16 Oct 2012
Biggest and best gas ships conference yet
Experts and users alike gathered in Bergen, Norway, recently for The Motorship’s third, and biggest, gas fuelled ships conference, and enjoyed three days – and one night - of discussion and site visits. 01 Nov 2012
Double journalism award for Port Strategy
Port Strategy editor, Carly Fields, has won the 2012 Seahorse Journalist Award for International Editor of the Year, and one of its regular contributors, Felicity Landon, also received the Award for Supply Chain Journalist of the Year. 13 Dec 2012
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
The team at The Motorship wishes you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. 20 Dec 2012
Viking Grace makes maiden voyage
The largest LNG powered passenger ship in the world, the 'Viking Grace', made its maiden voyage on Tuesday (15 January). 15 Jan 2013
P&E Conference taking shape
Mercator Media's 2013 Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference is beginning to take shape with the announcement of Japan’s director for International Regulations, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MILT), as keynote speaker. 16 Jan 2013
Viking Grace – venue for Gas Fuelled Ships
Mercator Media’s venue for the fourth Gas Fuelled Ships Conference (11 to 12 September 2013) is a fitting one – the world’s largest passenger cruise vessel fuelled by LNG, the ‘Viking Grace’. 28 Jan 2013
Keynote speaker confirmed for P&E Conference
Arsenio A Dominguez, vice chairman of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee, has been confirmed as the keynote speaker for 'The Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference’. 08 Feb 2013
IPA confirms support for GreenPort South Asia Conference
The Indian Ports Association (IPA) represents India’s 13 Major Ports, primarily to foster growth and development of all Major Ports which are under the supervisory control of the Indian Ministry of Shipping. 13 Mar 2013
The Motorship extends its footprint
The Motorship has recently added the social media platform Facebook to the various ways in which its content is being distributed. 13 Mar 2013
P&E booking fast
Spaces booking fast for next week’s Propulsion & Emissions conference in Copenhagen, Denmark - book now. 17 Apr 2013
Last chance to book for P&E conference
It's the last chance to book for The Motorship's Propulsion & Emissions Conference 2013 - the annual two day event kicks off in Copenhagen, Denmark tomorrow. 22 Apr 2013
P&E underway in Copenhagen
The Motorship’s 35th propulsion & emissions conference has got under way in Copenhagen, with over 130 delegates registered. 24 Apr 2013
P&E produces lively but friendly discussion
The first day of the 35th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference continued in Copenhagen, with some 130 delegates in a full conference hall at the Hilton Airport hotel. 25 Apr 2013
New investment in Mercator’s responsive websites
Mercator Media has made another significant investment in its online offering and redesigned all 14 of its magazine and event websites. All of the sites have been re-engineered to incorporate ‘responsive design’ which ensures the best possible display of content on any device. 12 Jun 2013
Final GFS Conference 2013 programme
The final programme for this year’s Gasfuelled Ships (GFS) Conference, which takes places onboard the Viking Line’s ‘Viking Grace’, has been released. 04 Jul 2013
Ship to ship bunkering at GFS
The 4th Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference onboard the world's largest LNG cruiser, 'Viking Grace', will include two days of technical presentations on the future prospects of LNG and will include live ship to ship bunkering. 14 Aug 2013
Gas Fuelled Ships Conference draws near
It is not too late to book places at the 4th Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, to be held on 11-12 September 2013, onboard the LNG-fuelled cruise ferry ‘Viking Grace’, as it sails between Stockholm and Turku. 01 Sep 2013
Gas fuelled ships are a global solution, says GFS4 chairman
The fourth Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference has begun, on the Viking Grace cruise ferry sailing out of Stockholm en route for Mariehamn and Turku. Day One chairman, Martin Shaw of MOAMS, introduced the conference with his view of the prospects of LNG as a GLOBAL maritime fuel for the future, adding a word to the conference title. 11 Sep 2013
Operational experience with gas fuelled ships
Three shipowners gave their differing operational experiences at the fourth Gas Fuelled Ships conference. First, Kari Granberg of Viking Line returned to the podium to talk specifically about the 'Viking Grace'. 12 Sep 2013
LNG ships actually work
The first day of the fourth Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference concluded with tours of the ‘Viking Grace’ machinery rooms and the GE-sponsored conference dinner. 12 Sep 2013
LNG bunkering demonstration starts GFS second day
The second day of the Motorship gas fuelled ship conference began very early in the morning, as the ‘Viking Grace’ arrived in Stockholm after her overnight passage from Turku. 12 Sep 2013
GFS footage online
If you missed the opportunity to attend the fourth Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference 2013, you can now view footage of the Chairman's welcome address online. 12 Sep 2013
First-hand experience of LNG underlines conference success
The fourth ‘Motorship’ Gas Fuelled Ships Conference took place onboard the ‘Viking Grace’ cruise ferry sailing out of Stockholm en route for Mariehamn and Turku. 08 Oct 2013
Conference success for Bestobell
Bestobell Valves is enjoying a “great response” from delegates of the fourth Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, held in September onboard the LNG-fuelled ‘M/S Viking Grace’. 01 Oct 2013
Propulsion & Emissions Conference 2014 – Call for papers
The 36th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference, organised by Mercator Media, will take place in Hamburg, Germany from 21 to 22 May 2014. 19 Nov 2013
Last chance to book for Propulsion & Emissions Conference
The 36th Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference – entitled ‘Ship Energy Efficiency Today’ - is now only a matter of days away, and it is still not too late to book the last remaining places at this ever-popular event. 14 May 2014
36th Propulsion & Emissions conference begins
MAN Diesel & Turbo hosted the welcome reception for the 36th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions conference on the evening of 20 May. 21 May 2014
‘Round Table’ looks at cold corrosion
The subject of cold corrosion came under the spotlight at a round table discussion hosted by ExxonMobil and 'The Motorship' in Hamburg on 20 May. 21 May 2014
Keynotes set the scene for Propulsion & Emissions Conference
The 36th Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference is now underway in Hamburg, Germany. 21 May 2014
Another successful Propulsion & Emissions Conference
The 36th ‘Motorship’ propulsion and emissions conference concluded on 22 May in Hamburg, and was judged to be another highly successful event. 23 May 2014
Energy efficiency for today’s ships as well as tomorrow’s
May 2014 saw some 160 shipping and marine engineering professionals gather in Hamburg for the 36th Motorship Propulsion and Emissions Conference. ‘The Motorship’s’ Bill Thomson and Stevie Knight joined the delegates for this important event. 10 Jun 2014
Dometic unveils new products
Dometic Marine introduced its two new products at Mercator Media Ltd’s Seawork International exhibition this week. 11 Jun 2014
Fifth Gas Fuelled Ships conference offers packed programme
The Mercator Media Gas Fuelled Ships Conference 2014, held in association with 'The Motorship', follows four previous successful conferences, in Hamburg 2010, Rotterdam 2011, Bergen 2012 and last year on board the Viking Grace cruise ferry, travelling between Stockholm and Turku under LNG propulsion. 21 Oct 2014
Conference looks at LNG experience
At the 2014 Motorship Gas Fuelled Ships conference in Stavanger, the actual existing and future technology of LNG fuelled ship propulsion was the theme of the first actual conference session following the keynotes. 25 Nov 2014
Another successful Gas Fuelled Ships event
The fifth Gas Fuelled Ships Conference, held in conjunction with The Motorship, took place in Stavanger, Norway, last week, and was judged another success by the 140 or so attending. 01 Dec 2014
Technical visits enhance Gas Fuelled Ships conference appeal
The Motorship’s 2014 Gas Fuelled Ships conference was held 25-27 November in Stavanger, Norway, and once again proved a great success. 29 Dec 2014
Business award for Mercator Media
Mercator Media Limited, publisher of The Motorship magazine and organiser of the Propulsion & Emissions and Gas Fuelled Ships conferences, has won a business excellence award for international development. 09 Mar 2015
GreenPort Congress 2012 - Call for Papers
The call for papers for the GreenPort Congress 2012, organised by Mercator Media Ltd, has been released. 06 Feb 2012
130 gas fuelled ships confirmed, GFS conference is told
Mercator Media’s 2014 Gas Fuelled Ships conference, under the banner of The Motorship, got under way this morning in Stavanger, Norway, with the keynote addresses from a wide variety of important industry figures. 25 Nov 2014
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Gas Fuelled Ships Conference features round table talks
Day two of the Gas Fuelled Ships conference was introduced by chairman-for-the-day Martin Shaw of MOAMS. Mr Shaw thanked the delegates for attending the very well-received GE Marine-sponsored conference dinner on the previous evening. 26 Nov 2014