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Autonomous test vessel navigates obstacles
An autonomous ship model tested in Aker Arctic’s ice model test laboratory has demonstrated the ability to detect obstacles utilising onboard sensors, manoeuvre around them without operator input and moor itself automatically to a target pier. 18 Jun 2018
Versatile LNG carrier series for Malaysia
Bucking the trend, MISC has opted for spherical cargo tanks and steam turbine propulsion in its new stage of LNG carrier fleet development, writes David Tinsley. 04 Aug 2017
Finland orders new icebreaker design package
The Finnish Transport Agency has contracted Aker Arctic Technology to design a new icebreaker to replace the oldest vessel in the Finnish Government fleet. 17 Apr 2013
New Aker Arctic Oblique Icebreaker
Finnish research specialist, Aker Arctic Technology, has unveiled a new version of its Oblique Icebreaker, which offers increased capability for terminal operations, ice management and oil spill response in freezing seas. 10 May 2013
A ship with control issues
While control automation is desirable in ordinary vessels, its importance can’t be underestimated when it comes to innovative designs such as the asymmetric ‘Baltika’, says Stevie Knight. 03 Nov 2014
Ice trial success for oblique icebreaker
Icebreaking rescue vessel 'Baltika', developed by Aker Arctic, has completed ice trials testing its unique asymmetric hull, which allows the ship to break ice sideways to create wide channels. 14 Apr 2015
Seven bid for Yamal Novy icebreaker
Nordic Yards and Aker Arctic have placed the highest bids in Vyborg Shipyard’s tender for the design and construction of an icebreaker for service at Yamal Novy port terminal, according to IAA Port News. 29 May 2015
A new age of polar research
Investment in icebreaking research ships is gathering pace, prompted by the need to provide higher-performance replacements for long-serving vessels, and also by mounting strategic interest in a polar presence. David Tinsley reports. 06 Jul 2015
Aker and Deltamarin design Arctic tanker
Aker Arctic Technology Inc and Deltamarin Ltd have joined forces to design a modern Aframax tanker concept for arctic use. 21 Sep 2015
China orders polar icebreaker design
Aker Arctic has been contracted to carry out a conceptual and basic design exercise for a new icebreaking research vessel to be used by various Chinese bodies for the purpose of polar scientific research. 06 Aug 2012