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Tote begins its Orca vessel conversion to LNG
Tote Maritime Alaska has completed the first phase of LNG conversion for its two Orca class vessels. 27 Feb 2018
All-MAN package for US container ship
US marine transportation company, Tote, has received an all-MAN Diesel and Turbo package for its containership, which is set to be the world’s first LNG-powered containership. 14 Aug 2014
US $325m loan for ‘first’ LNG containerships
The US Maritime Administration (MARAD) is loaning US$324.6m to Tote Shipholdings and Saltchuk Resources for their Marline Class vessels which are said to be the world’s first LNG-powered containerships. 26 Sep 2014
World’s ‘first’ LNG containership launched
‘Isla Bella’, said to be the world’s first LNG-powered containership has been launched by owner TOTE. 21 Apr 2015
US surge in cryogenic valve orders
Bestobell Marine has benefited from a major increase in demand for cryogenic valves in the US marine market, citing a spurt in orders for new dual-fuel vessels. 27 Aug 2015
NASSCO to build first LNG containerships
USA based shipbuilder, General Dynamics NASSCO, has finalised a contract with American group TOTE Inc, to build the world’s first LNG powered containerships. 05 Dec 2012