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Parker Kittiwake portable condition monitoring
Parker Kittiwake has launched new condition monitoring software which provides in-situ analysis of the sulphur content of fuel oil for compliance testing. 17 Apr 2018
Simultaneous testing first to prevent engine damage
A new analyser has been launched which can allow engineers to test seven parameters at once to help prevent engine damage. 13 Nov 2017
HPC Water Test Kit
Condition monitoring technology expert, Parker Kittiwake, has launched a new HPC Water Test Kit which detects the presence of bacteria and confirms the efficiency of a vessel’s water disinfection system. 14 Nov 2016
Condition monitoring starter kit
Parker Kittiwake, the condition monitoring and fluid analysis technology expert, has launched a new condition monitoring starter kit which provides essential tools to protect vital equipment from damage and prevent breakdowns. 05 Sep 2016
Another acquisition for Kittiwake
UK company Kittiwake Developments has announced the acquisition of Holroyd Instruments, a manufacturer of acoustic emission technology, which Kittiwake says will strengthen its presence in condition monitoring. 15 Jun 2011
Business development manager for Kittiwake
Kittiwake Developments has announced the appointment of Dr Steve Dye as its first dedicated business development manager. 16 Mar 2011
Condition monitoring cut down to size
Kittiwake Holroyd is launching a new hand-held bearing checker instrument, designed to give confirmation that a bearing is properly lubricated. 24 Feb 2012
Condition monitoring improves offshore vessel thruster reliability
UK company Kittiwake Developments has recently launched ThrusterSCAN, a new addition to the company’s line of asset protection technology, aimed at the offshore market. 31 Jan 2011
Establishing true emission levels for ECA compliance
Martin Lucas, managing director, Kittiwake, asks how shipowners will know the true level of pollution from their vessel exhausts, as the stricter sulphur limits in emission control areas are now less than three years away. 29 Feb 2012
Future-proofing for fuel systems
Under scrutiny from regulatory, legislative and environmental bodies, as well as consumer groups, the pressure remains on the shipping industry to address the continuing challenge of delivering against fuel emission regulations. Martin Lucas, managing director, Kittiwake Developments, looks at the impact of this challenge on onboard fuel systems. 27 Mar 2011
Kittiwake acquires emissions monitoring company
Kittiwake Developments has announced that it has acquired UK company Procal, a manufacturer of in-situ, multi component continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). 13 Dec 2010
Kittiwake Group acquired by Parker Hannifin
The UK-based Kittiwake Group, which includes Kittiwake Developments, Kittiwake Procal and Kittiwake Holroyd, has been acquired by the Parker Hannifin Corporation. 23 Jul 2012
Kittiwake launches marine oil laboratory test service
Kittiwake Development has launched a new, independent marine oil test service, developed specifically with the needs of the marine industry in mind. 26 Apr 2010
Kittiwake opens new office in India
Kittiwake Developments has opened an international office in New Delhi, India. Headed by managing director Deepak Sharma formerly Kittiwake’s Indian distributor, the new office will trade as Kittiwake Proactive Technologies. 30 Jun 2010
New leader for Kittiwake's US office
Kittiwake Developments has appointed Peter Pilon as CEO of the company’s US operations. The company says that its new US CEO and relocation to Houston demonstrates renewed focus on its ‘core’ markets. 06 Oct 2010
Online monitoring for transparency, compliance and performance
Chris Daw, managing director of Kittiwake Procal, explains the importance of in-situ continuous emissions monitoring in ensuring regulatory compliance and improved operational performance. 29 Aug 2011
Payment plan launched for liner sensors
Kittiwake Developments has announced what it describes as a “significant cost reduction and payment plan” for its LinerSCAN online sensors designed to safeguard engine cylinder liners. 25 Aug 2011
Performance monitoring rapidly becomes a total solution
Just a few years ago, real-time system monitoring was only used by a few, technically advanced ship operators but, increasingly, intelligent data management systems are rapidly turning it into a practical and accessible tool for compliance and performance monitoring, writes Wendy Laursen. 29 Feb 2012
Beating cold corrosion, the downside of fuel-efficient engines
Dr Steve Dye, business development and marketing manager, Parker Kittiwake explains why frequent condition monitoring is the most effective measure in combatting the recent cold corrosion phenomenon. 25 Mar 2014
Parker Kittiwake launches onboard cat fines test
A new kit enables operators to test for potentially damaging cat fines themselves rather than sending oil samples for laboratory analysis. 19 Oct 2015
Testing times – how water in oil assessment can safeguard operational efficiency
Martin Lucas, business unit manager for Parker Kittiwake warns shipowners about the adverse effects water in oil can have on overall operational efficiency, and how these effects can easily be minimised. 28 Feb 2013