Senior Naval Architect

21 Apr 2017

An Independent Engineering and Management Consultancy providing highly qualified personnel to solve complex engineering problems require a Senior Naval Architect to join their growing team in a beautiful location based 20 minutes outside of Bristol.

The Company requires a self-starter in this role who can work with the company’s Business Managers and executive management to deliver projects and tasks given to them to demonstrable quality and time objectives.

3. Job Description


1. Accountable to the Business Manager for the delivery or projects within that Business Manager’s sector to demonstrable time, cost and quality.
 2. Responsible for managing compliance with the company’s Quality Management System for work that you are tasked with.


1. Initiating and maintaining rewarding relationships with current and potential customers.
 2. Passing on business intelligence to business managers and the company executive enabling the understanding of business opportunities and market trends.
 3. Undertaking project work across any sector of the business within agreed time, cost and quality criteria.
 4. Producing and delivering bids and proposals for new work to potential and current customers after having them approved by a Director in line with the QMS.
 5. Maintaining project management information on projects currently being undertaken.
 6. Producing marketing material to enhance the visibility of the company.

You will continually collaborate with other colleagues in the performance of your duties.

Your line management duties include:
 1. Completing an annual review and reporting the findings to your line manager.
 2. Pastoral care for your staff.
 3. Supporting and encouraging your staff to develop themselves.
 4. Providing leadership and demonstration of the company values.
 5. Supporting any lack of performance through structured, specific actions.
 6. Communication of significant performance failures to the Personnel Director.
 5. Appointment

Your appointment is as a permanent employee of the company, in accordance with your unlimited duration contract.

Remuneration including basic salary and bonuses is as laid out in your contract or through written amendments.
 6. Delegation

1. No gratis work will be completed without agreement of a Director.
 2. Delegations can be changed by a Director at any time in writing.
 7. Qualifications and Attributes
 As a Senior Naval Architect you are expected to:
* Work without direct supervision.
* Work with pace and confidence.
* Show good leadership and pastoral care for those under your responsibility.
* Display excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
* Demonstrate excellent skills with a range of professional software tools including Paramarine, Seasafe and Rhino.
* Demonstrate excellent word processing and IT skills, including knowledge of a range of software packages and comprehensive capabilities in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).
* Be a confidential, honest and reliable individual.
* Have the ability to work on your own initiative.
* Provide flexibility and adaptability to juggle a range of different tasks.
* Demonstrate good project management skills.

Date Posted:
Job Title:
Senior Naval Architect
Bristol, United Kingdom