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Ballast water management

OceanSaver BWMS manufacturer files for bankruptcy
OceanSaver, the Norwegian manufacturer of US type approved ballast water management systems, has filed for bankruptcy. 14 Sep 2017 - The Motorship
DESMI Ocean Guard launches unique small footprint BWMS
DESMI Ocean Guard has launched a new Ballast Water Management System which it says sets new standards for small footprint BWMS. 13 Sep 2017 - The Motorship
US$100 billion ballast water treaty enters force
The ICS has urged the industry to ‘get this right’ as the IMO’s Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention – which could cost the industry US$100 billion in system installations – comes into force today (8 September). 08 Sep 2017 - The Motorship
Hurtigruten owners take major Kleven shareholding
Norwegian ship operator Hurtigruten has taken a 40% stake in shipbuilding group Kleven during a refinancing process that has seen the addition of several investors bringing an extra NOK300 million (£29.54 million) to the company. 08 Sep 2017 - The Motorship
New chemical BWMS treats 250 cubic metres an hour
A new chemical-free ballast water management system (BWMS) can disinfect and treat 250 cubic metres of seawater an hour. 05 Sep 2017 - The Motorship
Saudi Aramco invests in ballast water benchmarking to achieve compliance
Chelsea Technologies’ FastBallast portable analyser has been chosen by one operator as a benchmark testing device to ensure compliance with ballast water standards. 31 Aug 2017 - The Motorship
Containerising BWM to aid compliance
A project to containerise a Ballast Water Management System may allow easier compliance for vessels with limited space. 23 Aug 2017 - The Motorship
BWMS bucks the trend of problematic operations
A BWMS has demonstrated its reliability in the face of a survey which exposed the systems as problematic and inoperable. 18 Aug 2017 - The Motorship
BWMS completes USCG tests
US operators could benefit from an electrochlorination-based BWMS system which has completed tests needed for US Coast Guard approval. 16 Aug 2017 - The Motorship
Over a third of BWMS problematic or inoperable
Ship owners and operators have reported in a survey that 43% of BWMS are either inoperable or have problematic operations. 14 Aug 2017 - The Motorship
Low power chemical BWMS is USCG type approved
A low power consumption chemical injection ballast water management system (BWMS) has received USCG type approval. 11 Aug 2017 - The Motorship
Lloyds manages Coldharbour’s BWMS testing
Lloyd’s Register (LR) will oversee UK-based Coldharbour Marine’s ballast water management systems (BWMS) tests, as required by the US Coast Guard (USCG) in its type approval process. 20 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
BV launches ballast water management app
Bureau Veritas has launched a new e-business solution to help the shipping industry meet the Ballast Water Management deadline for certificates and approved plans by September. 17 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
Goltens gas carrier BWMS retrofit
Norway-owned Goltens will manage the engineering and retrofit installation of OceanSaver ballast water management systems (BWMS) onboard two of BP Shipping’s gas carriers. 12 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
USCG flags ballast water management breaches
The US Coast Guard (USCG) has reacted to ‘a number of reports’ of vessels discharging untreated ballast water, reminding operators that sequential exchange affords compliance only under IMO rules. 06 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
MEPC set to amend BWM timeframe
The IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) appears set to approve amendments to its Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention giving many ships additional time to install systems. 06 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
Multi-system BWMS deals for Alfa Laval
Alfa Laval has reported two major frame agreements covering the delivery of more than 50 PureBallast systems on tankers and bulk carriers over a three-year period. 04 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
Miura BWMS advances towards US approval
Japanese ballast water management system manufacturer Miura Co has completed an environmental test that it says represents a landmark on its way to US Coast Guard (USCG) type approval. 04 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
Bulk carrier BWT challenges highlighted
Intercargo has proposed "extended ballast water exchange" be used for bulk carriers fitted with gravity discharged topside tanks, to retain vessel efficiency and avoid substantial modification. 03 Jul 2017 - The Motorship
Yards and suppliers voice concern over BWM delays
Industry bodies representing European shipyards and equipment suppliers have voiced opposition to further delays to the implementation of IMO’s Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention. 03 Jul 2017 - The Motorship