• Ferries and tankers look to the future


    The March 1968 issue of ‘The Motor Ship’ continued to question whether it was feasible for the new generation of large ships – such as planned tankers of 250,000dwt-plus – to continu to rely on a single-screw propulsion system, whether READ more

  • Bunker industry prepares for radical change

    Bunker industry prepares for radical change


    A diverse fuel future, a potentially turbulent transition to the 2020 sulphur cap and the perennial question of business ethics are prime concerns for the 'voice of the global bunker supply chain, says Justin Murphy, CEO of the INternational Bunker READ more

  • Battery safety: Is the industry doing enough?


    Current safety requirements for battery installations on ships are ineffective, argues Grant Brown, vice president marketing at energy storage company PBES. READ more

  • ‘No insignificant task’: A framework for autonomy

    ‘No insignificant task’: A framework for autonomy


    In June the IMO agreed to a scoping exercise for autonomous vessel regulations that many thought was still some years off. James Fanshawe, chair of the Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (MASRWG) was one of the key influencers. READ more

  • A crucial choice

    A crucial choice


    Care when selecting ballast water management systems would make life easier for owners, Andrew Marshall of Coldharbour Marine tells Gavin Lipsith. READ more

  • Flemming Bo Larsen: Nice – or necessary?

    Flemming Bo Larsen: Nice – or necessary?


    “I was trained for the sea and I had no other idea in mind, but a few years ago I found myself between roles and landed, temporarily, in one of Maersk’s offices – where I had a view over the company’s entire charter fleet,” said Flemming READ more

  • Innovation with vision

    Innovation with vision


    Transas has been on the leading edge of maritime innovation for a quarter of a century, offering everything from e-navigation and training through vessel traffic management systems to coastal surveillance. Now CEO Frank Coles believes there are some READ more

  • Geir Erik Samnøy: Energy addiction


    Despite being a force for change there’s more to innovation than ‘disruptive technologies’, Geir Erik Samnøy, managing director and founder of Presentwater tells Stevie Knight. READ more

  • Computers make their debut


    The main story in ‘The Motor Ship’, October 1967, concerned the launch of the ‘Queen Elizabeth II’. This was, surprisingly, regarded as something of an anti-climax – in both the “remarkably uninspired” choice of name, and the fact that READ more

  • First steps on the path to decarbonisation

    First steps on the path to decarbonisation


    The IMO made its first tentative moves towards its anticipated greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategy at MEPC 71 and an intersessional working group meeting last month. Unni Einemo, IMO representative for the International Bunker Industry READ more