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Historical reviews

An automated future
Proof that, 50 years ago, Britain still regarded its shipbuilding industry as significant was evident in a full-page message in a prominent position in the January 1965 issue of The Motor Ship, from the Rt Hon Roy Mason, government minister responsible for shipbuilding and shipping (in that order, believe it or not). 10 Dec 2014 - The Motorship
First regular LNG traffic begins
Although, as we know, transport by sea of gaseous cargoes is far from new, it may seem surprising that commercial international shipping of LNG began exactly 50 years ago. 01 Dec 2014 - The Motorship
Sulzer to the fore
Big news back in October 1964 was that the first licence for building high power Diesel engines in the US had been awarded by Sulzer Bros to Nordberg Manufacturing. 08 Oct 2014 - The Motorship
US embraces Diesel power at last
The September 1964 issue of The Motor Ship led with news that a US company was to build a European-designed large marine Diesel engine. This may not seem a particularly newsworthy story in a magazine devoted to large Diesel-powered ships, but as the US had resolutely stuck to steam turbines for ship propulsion, bucking the trend of the rest of the world towards Diesel power, it had a certain significance. 19 Aug 2014 - The Motorship
The nuclear age dawns
The big news in ‘The Motor Ship’, August 1964, was the US nuclear powered merchant ship, ‘Savannah’ undertaking its first voyages, including visiting several European ports. 21 Jul 2014 - The Motorship
Nuclear and fuel cell alternatives foreseen
Such is today’s focus on alternative fuels that it seemed slightly odd to see that the same subject was a hot topic back in 1964. 13 Jun 2014 - The Motorship
Diesel benefits underlined
Such is the dominance of the internal combustion engine in today’s ships that it is easy to forget that the prime purpose of ‘The Motor Ship’ when launched in 1920 was to promote the advantages of the Diesel engine over steam power. 01 May 2014 - The Motorship
Automation enters the fray
Automation was the hot topic in 1964. The April issue of The Motor Ship devoted several articles to the subject. 31 Mar 2014 - The Motorship
US remains cool about Diesel power
The lead article in The Motor Ship, March 1964, suggested that the Diesel engine had been accepted as preferred ship propulsion technology everywhere except the USA. 01 Mar 2014 - The Motorship
Sheep-shape in 1964
The pages of The Motor Ship, February 1964, provided a breath of fresh air. Rather than the emphasis on large-bore engines, the reader was presented with a somewhat broader range of topics. 05 Feb 2014 - The Motorship
Japan emerges while Britain falters
The January 1964 issue of 'The Motor Ship' concentrated on reviewing shipbuilding in the previous year, with an emphasis on what were seen as the ‘hot topics’ of the time. 15 Jan 2014 - The Motorship
The British marine engine
To many of us – myself included – 50 years doesn’t really seem that long ago. And looking at some items in old copies of The Motor Ship we think that little has really changed in that time. 06 Dec 2013 - The Motorship
287 large bore engines on order
The hot topic in the November 1963 issue of The Motor Ship continued to be large bore engines. The fact that these were now firmly established in the ship propulsion universe was borne out by a five-page list of such engines in service and on order, grouped by engine type. 01 Nov 2013 - The Motorship
The digital age appears on the horizon
The Motor Ship for October 1963 began with reports that Shell Tankers was bucking the trend away from opposed-piston engines by chartering a newbuild tanker with the latest Doxford J-type engine. 01 Oct 2013 - The Motorship
One large or two small?
In The Motor Ship, September 1963, the debate raged on about large bore marine diesel engines. Then, as now, there was discussion about whether a single large engine was a more economic and safer option than two smaller units. 10 Sep 2013 - The Motorship
Gas fuelled ships, 1963 style
One of ‘The Motor Ship’s’ campaigns was to promote the advantages of the Diesel engine over steam power. Therefore it was rather a surprise to read in the July 1963 issue a leading article on a ship powered by a steam turbine. 01 Aug 2013 - The Motorship
A short-lived shipbuilding revolution
June 1963 saw The Motor Ship devote a considerable proportion of its space to the opening of Gotaverken’s new shipyard at Arendal, Sweden. 01 Jun 2013 - The Motorship
Outputs exceed 30,000bhp ceiling
In 1963 the marine engineering industry was certainly obsessed with power and bore size. 23 May 2013 - The Motorship
Motor conquers steam
Large and powerful engines continued to excite our predecessors at The Motor Ship, the April 1963 issue of which led with an item about large tanker propulsion. 22 Apr 2013 - The Motorship
Higher power for faster steaming
The Motor Ship, March 1963, as in previous months, continued to focus on large-bore high-power diesel engines. 01 Mar 2013 - The Motorship