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SMM 2008 interior
SMM 2008 interior
Dr Reinhard Lüken, CESA – “the recovery is under way”
Dr Reinhard Lüken, CESA – “the recovery is under way”
Dr Hermann Klein, GL – “Cost reductions may be at the expense of safety”
Dr Hermann Klein, GL – “Cost reductions may be at the expense of safety”
MAN ME GI dual fuel two-stroke-engine
MAN ME GI dual fuel two-stroke-engine
New KS series CP propeller from ZF
New KS series CP propeller from ZF
ZF W11200 marine transmission
ZF W11200 marine transmission
Sauer WP81L compressor
Sauer WP81L compressor

SMM 2010 is scheduled for 7 to 10 September, at the Hamburg Fair site in Germany. The 24th International Shipbuilding Fair is expected by the organisers to exceed the very considerable size of previous events.

Over 2,000 exhibitors have signed up from more than 50 countries. The trade fair is expected to receive more than 50,000 visitors from over 100 countries.

The focus will be on protecting resources and the environment, with a conference, GMEC (global maritime environmental congress) exploring these issues over the first two days of the event. SMM is traditionally centred on the shipbuilding industry, and Dr Reinhard Lüken, secretary general of the Community of European Shipyards Association (CESA), says that: “A whole host of innovative solutions is available from SMM exhibitors, some of them giving amazing benefits.”

CESA considers that recovery is getting under way from the global economic and financial crisis, where the shipbuilding industry suffered a significant drop in demand following years of record-breaking success. Lüken now sees economic improvements coming up for the maritime industries, even if renewed orders will not be distributed evenly throughout the world.

But he notes that “The shipbuilding market remains a long-term growth market in Europe, too. The world population continues to grow rapidly, and the oceans are being used more and more intensively, not only for transport, but also in areas such as generating energy and extracting resources.”

At the same time, the weakness of demand in 2009 points to disruptions in global structures, and Lüken warns that “the extent of global excess capacities and state interventions in the market gives all market participants cause for concern.” A major worry for CESA is the structural difference between the Europeans and market players on other continents. The average company size in Europe is a great deal smaller, so there are fewer reserves to call upon during lean periods.

Classification societies have a vested interest in a strong shipbuilding sector as well as promoting safety and reducing the carbon footprint of shipping. They are vital as technical consultants to the authorities, says Dr Hermann Klein of Germanischer Lloyd, which is based in Hamburg.

“Energy efficiency and competitiveness of ships have been major issues for Germanischer Lloyd for many years,” adds Klein. “Policy decisions in the IMO committees would simply not be possible without the technical expertise of the classification societies and other industry representatives.”

The “safe return to port” rules for passenger ships will impact on reliability issues. For example, safety can be put at risk by use of counterfeit spare parts which do not comply with the usual standards. “That is a subject which will certainly gain in importance in the future,” says Klein.

Dr. Klein saw little scope for cost reduction in the classification process. The costs are normally less than 1% of the purchase cost of a ship. He fears that further reductions in cost would be at the expense of safety.

Other themes which will be to the forefront at SMM include the future of the passenger ship building and repair sector, where European yards, and German yards in particular, still occupy a prominent market position. But Asian companies are making strong inroads, and much of the expected growth is expected to benefit the Far East.

The SMM organisers say that the offshore market will occupy a greater amount of space than previously, this being another sector that is showing strong growth. With the oil and gas industry being joined by offshore wind power and ocean engineering, the demand for specialist ships and their equipment is very strong. German companies with a strong presence include Siemens, GEA Westfalia Separator, Schottel, SAM Electronics and Hatlapa, all of which gain a high proportion of their business from offshore activities.

Another important event at SMM will be the CIMAC Circle, focusing on total cost of ownership of marine propulsion engines, to be held on Thursday 9 September.

Most, if not all, shipbuilding and marine equipment companies will be at SMM, although as the organisers were reporting over six months ago that the fair was fully booked, pressure on space will be very tight. Companies which had notified us about their presence before we closed for press include:

Engines and propulsion

MAN Diesel & Turbo says that its SMM presence will highlight its diverse specialities, emphasising new developments in reducing costs and improving operating efficiency.

Featured engines will include the 20V32/44CR Tier III, claimed to offer the highest output, power density and efficiency in its class, which with the addition of an SCR unit will comply with Tier III NOx limits; the ME-GI two-stroke dual fuel (natural gas and liquid fuel) engines; and a new marine type-approved high speed engine, the V12-cylinder D2862 model, rated up to 1,117kW at 1,800 rpm, with common rail fuel injection and an optimised combustion process contributing to high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

The latest Alpha CP propeller family will be featured, designed for high efficiency and easy maintenance, with the capability of operating with biodegradable oils. MAN Diesel & Turbo’s newest TCR radial turbocharger, the smallest in the range, will be introduced at SMM.  The TCR10 delivers pressure ratios up to 5.5 and is designed for installations of 300kW to 6,500kW burning HFO, MDO or gas.

The Diesel Switch system, which is designed to reduce risk when switching between different fuels, will be shown at SMM, as will the ‘swing gate’ concept to close down one or more turbochargers in a multiple turbocharger operation for continuous running at lower powers.

On the service side, which is of increasing importance to engine developers like MAN, the company has launched its own range of lubricating oils, PrimeLube,  formulated to the group’s specifications. for high, medium and low speed engines. Oils for high and medium speed engines, including gas-fuelled engines, are being joined by new products for low speed engines. Two-stroke engines burning low sulphur fuels will benefit from the LSeries40c product, a high performance 40 BN/SAE 50 cylinder lubricant, and a high performance 70 BN/SAE 50 cylinder oil (LSeries70c) has been formulated for two-stroke engines burning high sulphur fuels. A containerised service for delivery and exchange of spare parts, MAN PrimeServ’s EMC-Pit Stop, will be featured. Spares for a planned maintenance or overhaul project on medium speed engines, particularly onboard gensets, are delivered to a designated port in a standard 8ft to 10ft container for safe and easy handling.

Finally, MAN's new active balancing system (ABS) is a flexible and light weight approach to complying with new onboard noise limits which, unlike traditional solutions, does not add excessive weight.

Tognum subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen will be showcasing a new genset for diesel-electric propulsion and on-board power generation. Based on the Series 4000 ‘Iron Men’ engines, the high-speed unit has a power output of up to 3,000 kW. Typical applications include offshore supply ships tending wind farms and oil and gas platforms.

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems and its associated finance arm and dealer network representatives will exhibit at SMM under the theme ‘Your Success. Our Commitment’ The company says that it will promote its commitment to sustainable development, with all products on display supporting sustainability and environmental protection while addressing customer needs. Main topics will include Cat’s IMO III strategy, its upgrade and overhaul kits, and engine technology, including flex cam technology (FCT) and Cat common rail (CCR).

Federal-Mogul will present three of its piston ring brands at SMM, with its latest acquisition, Daros, joining the established Goetze and Deva brands. Daros of Sweden was acquired by Federal-Mogul in June 2010, and is well known as a supplier of rings for large-bore two-stroke engines. Federal-Mogul offers industrial piston rings with diameters ranging from 145mm up to 980mm, for use mainly in large engines with a power output of more than 100MW. The rings are made of cast iron, machined with complex geometries and finished with wear-resistant coatings. Federal-Mogul says that the challenge for the piston rings is to keep oil consumption to a minimum, whilst ensuring optimal lubrication and long life.

Sauer Compressors will be showing its low-maintenance, three-stage, air-cooled starting air compressor range which the company says has been progressively upgraded, resulting in low capital and maintenance costs.

Three new marine heat exchangers will be launched by E J Bowman of the UK. The company has extended its range of charge air coolers with the introduction of a new heat exchanger for engines rated up to 600KW. A new ‘double cooler’ marine heat exchanger will be a focal point of the stand. The ‘double cooler’ range connects individual  sealed circuits for cooling specific fluids – be they engine oil, gear box oil or water jacket coolant – within a single heat exchanger,  using a single flow of seawater to cool and keep these fluids at optimum operating temperatures. Looking towards improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, Bowman will show its new compact 2in heat exchanger, a compact shell and tube unit for fitting unobtrusively into an exhaust gas system to use waste heat to heat ambient fresh water.

At SMM, Klüber Lubrication will focus on synthetic lubricants that offer an alternative to mineral oils. The newly developed Klüberbio MR 2-150 is a non-toxic, biodegradable stern tube oil for FP and CP propellers. The company claims to have succeeded in making the oil compatible with the elastomer material used for many seals. Klüberbio HLP 9 hydraulic oil is also readily biodegradable, providing eco-friendly lubrication for hydraulic drives of cranes, winches or hatches. Further focal topics will be the latest high-performance gear oil developments of Klüber Lubrication, the company's portfolio of speciality lubricants for open gear rims and its range of associated services.

ZF Marine will display a variety of new transmissions and an all new hub design for the KS-series of CP propellers. Two new transmissions for hybrid applications (described in the feature in this issue) will be joined by the W11200. The W11000 series is designed for continuous duty commercial applications, for engines rated up to 2840 kW (3800 hp) at 1600 rpm with an available ratio range from approx. 2.0 to 7.5. Accessories like PTO, PTI, shaft brakes, trolling valves and “get home” features are available.

The new KS-series CP propeller features a reduced hub/prop diameter ratio for better hydrodynamic efficiency, increased family of hub diameters for optimized selection, easier maintenance, and a more compact hub design, available up to 7.75 m diameter with hub diameter of 1.55 m. Custom designed propeller can be matched to engines from 350 kW to 10.000 kW. A 4000 series azimuthing thruster from HRP, a company acquired by ZF Marine in 2009, completes the line-up.

Geislinger of Austria will introduce an updated corporate identity, and launch two new products, . Vdamp XT and Genotorq  The new products, a damper and coupling, are described in the feature in this issue.

Norwegian company Tamrotor Marine Compressors (TMC) will focus on its energy-saving Smart Air range, which is claimed to offer a 40% saving in energy, with corresponding reductions in emissions and costs. The company is also mindful of the problem of non-approved spares and will be promoting its spare parts kits for onboard compressors.

Perlast G75TX perfluoroelastomer. The seal is designed to enable engine makers and shipping companies to use a wider range of fuels and coolant chemistries, while maintaining engine performance and service life between scheduled engine maintenance.

Marine equipment

Alfa Laval says that it will be offering a first look at its potential solutions for meeting pending legislation on exhaust gas emissions. It will be launching PureBallast 2.0, a second-generation ballast water treatment system with improved performance and better adapted to real-life needs, and PureBallast EX, a new version for use in potentially explosive environments.

A new S-separator series introduces a range of technical developments. Smart adjustments in the disc stack, including an increase in separation area, create greater efficiency and allow the use of a smaller separator for a given capacity. Additional changes, such as a new drive system, make the separator more robust and easy to use.

Alfa Laval’s new AOT 3F steriliser provides chemical-free water purification and a microbiological barrier against legionella. It is based on Wallenius’ advanced oxidation technology (AOT), a water purification system said to imitate nature's way of purifying water.

Korean company Techcross will be promoting its Electro-Cleen ballast water treatment system(BWTS), which uses a patented electrolysis process and is IMO approved.

Safety company Cosalt will be highlighting the Premier 2010 inherently buoyant lifejacket and improved versions of its Seacrewsader 2010 and Crewfit Twin 2010 inflatable lifejackets. Cosalt will also be featuring its portfolio of general and specialist mooring ropes.

Hamburg-based Armaturen Wolff will be introducing a quick-closing valve with electrical release. The company says that such valves are essential on-board safety equipment, being required to meet the SOLAS and classification society provisions. Existing valves use pneumatic, hydraulic and manual actuating systems, and the Wolff says it has now perfected an electrical system. The valves are connected via a control cabinet, with uninterruptible power-supply to ensure the system is operational even if no auxiliary energy is available.

Becker Marine Systems will be exhibiting alongside partner company Hatlapa; Becker will present its newly developed Flextail rudder which features an improved fibre-composite fin for better flow and load handling. The company also offers composite rudder shafts.

UK company Rivertrace Engineering Ltd will launch its Smart 50M boiler water monitor designed to address specific industry concerns over boiler and pipe blockages and the consequent potential for burn out or explosions. It has been developed to supplement the standard boiler monitor, being able to monitor oil content plus critical parameters such as PH levels, conductivity and levels of dissolved oxygen. Other applications for the Smart 50M include main engine jacket cooling water monitoring.

Chemring Marine is exhibiting its range of Pains Wessex marine distress signals at SMM as well as unveiling its new Pains Wessex Manoverboard MK8 and Buoysmoke MK8 lifebuoy markers.

Electrical and electronics

The Sailor 900 VSAT, a new Ku-band VSAT antenna developed in-house, will be launched by Thrane & Thrane of Denmark at SMM 2010.

Ocean Signal is a new company specialising in the design and development of advanced communication and safety products. The directors have long experience in the industry with names including Racal, Sharp Autopilots, Navico, Kongsberg and Simrad. Ocean Signal will launch its initial range at SMM. 

The Imtech Marine Group companies will be concentrating on life cycle support capabilities at SMM. On the main stand will be Imtech Marine Germany, Imtech Schiffbau-/Dockbautechnik, Radio Holland Group, Imtech Marine & Offshore, Royal Dirkzwager and Van Berge Henegouwen Installaties. The companies are said to combine expertise in electrical, electronic, mechanical and ICT disciplines and share knowledge to offer customers integrated solutions and trusted service from engineering through newbuild and during the whole operational life cycle of a ship.

French company NG2 (New Generation Natural Gas) is using SMM to launch a new shore power connection system for ships. NG2 says that its high voltage, multi-megawatt connector offers benefits of safety, convenience and versatility compared with other systems, as well as the promise of substantial cost savings. The system displayed at SMM will afterwards be out through qualification for IEC and classification society approval.

Transas will be at SMM helping operators make the transition to ECDIS. The company says it can offer a single point of contact to take care of every aspect of the ECDIS Carriage Requirements with all technology and expertise in-house, including type-approved hardware, data supply including charts and chart updates, weather service, port documents, training, service and voyage planning tools.

Dutch company Alewijnse will focus on sophisticated electro-technical products, services and solutions, new and existing markets and proven technologies like integrated bridges, automation systems, navigation-communication equipment and switchboard solutions.

Navis Engineering  of Finland has re- launched its whole product line including the AP4000 autopilot (AP3000 in the previous generation), the JP4000 joystick control system/autopilot (previously JP3000) and the NavDP4000 series dynamic positioning system.

The AP4000 has a new front panel, materials and technology and a high contrast and resolution colour display. The protection has been increased from IP44 up to IP67 which makes the AP4000 suitable for outdoor installations. The software of the autopilot has been upgraded.

Hamburg-based L-3 SAM Electronics will feature a range of next-generation ship management systems and sensors for automation, communications, navigation, positioning, propulsion and energy distribution applications. Highlights include the latest NACOS Platinum series of advanced scalable navigation, automation and control systems. New exhibits include SAM ConnectNet, a high-speed ship-to-shore assembly that merges vessel communication systems into complete enterprise-wide IT networks; diesel electric propulsion assemblies and energy-efficient shaft alternators.

Bakker Sliedrecht of The Netherlands will present its electric drive systems, in particular those for hybrid propulsion, such as the ‘green’ tug project. Other exhibits include dynamic positioning systems up to and including DP3.

German navigation system supplier Raytheon Anschütz is launches its new intelligent bridge system, designed for efficiency and simplicity. The system features a new generation of wide-screen, task-orientated multifunction systems that allow access to all nautical tasks and can integrate tasks such as CCTV, DP system data or engine automation data. The system features a new NautoConning display with new data management software. In addition to the new bridge, Raytheon Anschütz will display its new adaptive NautoPilot 5000 and the latest generation of the Nautosteer AS steering control system.

Shipbuilding and repair

Federal-Mogul will exhibit its Deva maintenance-free, self-lubricating sliding bearings for the shipbuilding and offshore industries. The Deva bearings replace lubricating grease with solid lubricants, claimed to offer reduced maintenance requirements even under harsh conditions.

The company says that the bearings are proving their worth in shipbuilding, acting as bearing supports for mooring buoys, rudders, cranes and bridges, chain stoppers, slipways, tube couplings and rope guides.

The Harris Pye Group will be promoting its two dry docks - the new Duqm Dry Dock in Oman and Swansea Dry Docks in Wales, UK. The Duqm Dock is claimed to rival the biggest in the region and will be equipped to handle ships up to ULCCs.

Four members of the Bretagne Pole Naval, a grouping of Western French companies, will be at SMM. The Port of Concarneau professional cluster, has 40 companies building and repairing ships. Current orders include four tugs, a ferry, a carbon catamaran, and  refits on six customs patrol boats and a catamaran.

The shipbuilding and repair division of SPIE (CRN) works in military shipbuilding and repair, acts as a global contractor, and is involved in switchboards for propulsion automation systems.

Navtis in Brest is involved in the shipbuilding and repair field, and recently completed the hydrographic and oceanographic vessel Pourquoi Pas.

STX Europe, Lorient designs and builds high-tech ships from 30m to 120m long. This subsidiary of STX Europe, claims to offer complex project management with the emphasis on time, cost and quality control.

All members of Dutch group Dagin Marine Technology will be at SMM. They comprise: Machinefabriek Börger which makes standard (small) constructions in steel, stainless steel or aluminium, such as hatches, doors, masts, gangways, ladders etc. Machinefabriek Benes produces complete rudders and rudder modules and sterntubes. Eekels elektrotechnologie undertakes electrical installation work and produces equipment, including telegraphs, signal columns, bowthruster motors, controls, etc. Gebr De Haan is a HVAC engineering company, and SMST-Rodenstaal produces hatch cover systems, hatch cover cranes, doors and special hatches. Shiprepairyard Reimerswaal carries out repair, maintenance and complete rebuilds at its own shipyard.


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