GL approval for bearing wear monitor

Germanischer Lloyd has announced that the fist bearing wear monitoring system type approval according to its ‘Guidelines for Machinery Condition Monitoring’ has been granted to Amot Controls.

According to GL, Amot's condition monitoring system provides online supervision of crank-train bearings of low-speed diesel engines onboard vessels enabling detection of bearing wear at an early stage. Comprehensive onboard field tests were conducted in close cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd and MAN Diesel & Turbo. GL says these tests demonstrated the reliability of the condition monitoring information provided by the system.

GL says that prevention of unnecessary open-up inspections and surveys of crank-train bearings represents a significant benefit for shipping companies, as it lessens the risk of damage to these critical components. "Condition monitoring reduces the overall costs of inspection services and optimises maintenance schedules, reducing the risk of equipment failures or damages," says Dr Jörg Rebel from GL's strategic research department.

The Amot bearing wear monitoring system is based on simple principles. By the use of two proximity sensors the position of each crosshead assembly is measured at bottom dead centre during each crankshaft revolution. This means the overall clearance of all crank-train bearings, i.e. the crosshead bearing, the crank-pin bearing and the two adjacent main bearings, are continuously monitored.

The type approval certificate is the basis for a survey arrangement for machinery components based on condition monitoring, which uses various operation parameters or diagnostic results to gain information about the current condition of the monitored equipment.

GL says that it has been involved in field tests for bearing wear monitoring systems onboard ships for the last decade, and has supported MAN Diesel & Turbo in the development of MAN’s own bearing wear monitor specifications.


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