Hyundai to slash propeller weight by 2018

06 Feb 2017
HHI’s 5,000th Propeller

HHI’s 5,000th Propeller

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) is setting its sights on developing 25% lighter propellers by 2018.

It is currently developing new type propellers made of composite material and aims to continue to keep up with the global market with technology developments and improved quality.

HHI also held a production ceremony for the 5,000th propeller at its Ulsan factory. Measuring 10.6m in diameter and weighting 77 tonnes, the propeller is scheduled to be installed on a 300,000 DWT VCLL ordered from Thenamaris.

Since 2000, HHI has been producing 200 plus propellers annually. It began the production of its first propeller in 1985, and since has achieved major production milestones with 100th propeller in 1987, 1,000th in 1999 and 2,000th in 2005.

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