Korean engine builder consolidates gas experience

Korea’s increasing endeavours in the field of engine technology, complementing its considerable stance as a producer of engines for the marine and power generation markets, are encapsulated in the rapid extension of the HiMSEN portfolio from Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Engine & Machinery Division(HHI-EMD), writes David Tinsley.

Gas engines figure prominently in recent and prospective developments of the HiMSEN range. Following on from the H17/24G, H17/21G, and H17/21GV types, the gas engine offering has recently been extended by the H35/40G in-line and H35/40GV V-form designs, and is to be strengthened further with H26/33GV series.

The H32/40 medium-speed diesel series, which took the HiMSEN power band to 10,000kW in 20-cylinder configuration, has provided the basis for the development of the H35/40G series of gas engines. Prototype tests with an eight-cylinder in-line model of the H35/40G were completed at the company’s techno-centre gas cell in mid 2010. The design project has entailed the simultaneous preparation of V-form versions from 5,760kW up to 9,600kW as well as in-line engines covering the 2,880kW to 4,320kW power band.

The latest gas engine produces 480kW/cyl and has a brake mean effective pressure (BMEP) of 20.8bar at 720rpm crankshaft speed, and 20.0bar in its 750rpm versions. While the piston stroke of 400mm is the same as that of the H32/40 design, the latter’s bore of 320mm has been widened to 350mm in the gas engine.

A thermal efficiency of 47.2% was one of the key goals of the design project, and combustion performance has been improved by close attention to air inlet port geometry with optimised swirl. It is claimed to produce 20% less CO2 than diesel engines of comparable power, and to reduce NOx by 97%, reaching a very low emission level of 50ppm.

Another addition planned under the HiMSEN brand is the H26/33GV gas engine, derived from the new V-type version of the H25/33 diesel. To be made available at the various running speeds for which the H25/33 series can be obtained, the H26/33GV will have lower ratings, to a maximum of 270kW at 900 and 1,000rpm speeds, providing solutions to unit power needs up to 5,400kW. As reflected in the designation, it has a wider bore of 260mm, relative to the 250mm of the H25/33.

HHI-EMD has several years’ experience in the market for gas engines, having introduced its first, wholly gas-fuelled engine, the H17/24G, in 2007. Based on the H17/28 medium-speed diesel, the H17/24G was developed by HHI in conjunction with the Austria-based engine technology specialist AVL. Many components are common to the H17/24G and H17/28, which share a 170mm-bore size.

The H17/24G provides a compact, in-line unit to suit power applications between 550kW and 880kW, and the design has been employed in the development of a slightly more powerful type, the H17/21G. This was released in V-form as well as in-line configurations to the market during 2010. To achieve a higher rated power of 145kW/cylinder relative to the 110kW/cyl of the H17/24G, crankshaft speed has been upped to 1,800rpm in the H17/21G from the 1,200rpm of the earlier engine, taking the output band coverage to 2,900kW.

HHI-EMD is also aiming to release a dual-fuel (DF) HiMSEN engine model this year.

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