MAN targets cruise boom with new mid-speed engine

The 12-cylinder vee-line MAN 45/60CR will be among the first to be launched in 2020 The 12-cylinder vee-line MAN 45/60CR will be among the first to be launched in 2020

MAN Diesel & Turbo has launched the 45/60CR medium-speed engine with an eye on taking a greater share of the current growth in the cruiseship sector.

With improved power output and specific fuel oil consumption compared to its predecessor - the MAN 48/60CR - the new engine will be available in both in-line and vee configurations.

The 12V and 14V versions, boasting power outputs of 15,600kW and 18,200kW respectively, will be launched first towards the end of 2020, with the in-line range to be introduced in 2022. The engine is intended to be the start of a new family, and a dual-fuel version will be introduced at a later stage.

Speaking to press at the launch event in Augsburg today, Sokrates Tolgos, head of sales, cruise and ferry, MAN Diesel & Turbo, said: “The focus is mainly on the cruise sector, which is why it makes sense for us to launch now: most of the cruise yards are full and we are already talking with companies about projects that will be delivered in 2021 and 2022.”

The 12-cylinder vee engine will offer a further 300kW per cylinder power increase and a -4% decrease in SFOC compared to the similarly configured 48/60CR, with just an extra seven tonnes of weight. Alexander Koerber, product manager, noted that the extra weight was due to reinforcing the engine base and the addition of a two-stage turbocharger – a piece of equipment that is crucial to the new engine’s improved efficiency and power density.

MAN claimed that, based on a representative load-profile of a cruise vessel, a ship operating with a 45/60CR engine would enjoy a fuel-oil cost benefit of 5-12% in comparison with a vessel powered by an equivalent engine from other manufacturers. For a cruise vessel of around 120,000-150,000gt, with 60-65MW of installed power (and an assumed fuel price of €500/tonne, this translates into annual savings of €0.9-2.4 million.

Tolgos told The Motorship that the cruise sector is a natural target for an efficient engine because the owners pay for the fuel from their own pocket. He said that the growth of the sector in Asia was expected to drive the market for at least the next 10 years, and that the ferry business – one of the other target markets along with ropax and roro vessels – is also anticipated to grow in that time.

As well as the two-stage turbocharger, other crucial elements to the new engine include the latest generation safety and control (SaCos) system and a new version of the ECOMAP control software that enables users to optimise operation of the engine.

See the October issue of The Motorship for a full profile of the new engine.

MAN 45/60CR specifications





Cylinder configuration

6-10 inline (L); 12-20V

Power output per cylinder




Power range




Specific fuel oil consumption

L: 167g/kWh; V:166g/kWh


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