Pressure sensor cuts carbon and particle emissions

09 Oct 2014
The IMES TCS-01CA cylinder pressure sensor mounted on an engine

The IMES TCS-01CA cylinder pressure sensor mounted on an engine

German cylinder pressure sensor company IMES says it has developed a new generation of cylinder pressure sensor based on thin film technology.

The company claims that users of the sensor will be able to achieve reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and fewer carbon particles, thanks to the product‘s use in optimising engine adjustments to achieve potential large savings in fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The IMES TCS-01CA sensor with flash fitted membrane is factory-calibrated and designed for continuous combustion pressure measurement on two-stroke diesel engines. It is claimed to be intelligent, resistant to high temperatures, and to need no recalibration. It is designed to offer favourable thermodynamic characteristics for high precision measurements, to be robust and to offer constant sensitivity through it design lifetime of at least 20,000h.

In order to increase the stability of the pressure signal when the engine is operating on heavy fuel, the sensor can be mounted on an adaptor with blow-through design, which is said to significantly reduce maintenance requirements.

The company says that the sensor offers a good price/performance ratio, and is particularly suited to OEMs wishing to incorporate it in ‘auto-tuning’ pressure control concepts. End users such as shipping companies are able to purchase the sensor as a package with a high speed data acquisition unit and software for performance and diagnostics.

IMES says it has delivered more than 40,000 HTT-04CA sensors, with more than 1,300 of its EPM-XP electronic indicators in operation on marine diesel engines, which it says is proof of its products’ quality and reliability.

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