Smart propulsion project to increase system efficiency

25 Aug 2017
Siemens AG propulsion

One of the project aims is to reduce the vibration and noise generated by propulsion systems. Image courtesy of Siemens AG/Wikipedia

An intelligent approach to ship propulsion systems is being developed as part of a research project to increase their efficiency.

The Smart Propulsion System (smarts) project also aims to reduce negative impact on the environment, increase the durability of propulsion system components and increase the safety of ship operations.

The project, involving seven different partners from three European counties, additionally intends to increase comfort by reducing vibration and noise and reduce the operational costs of propulsion systems.

Research and development activities include theoretical analysis, experiments and computer simulations.

Deltamarin’s Polish branch is currently participating in the project and stated that the “methodology used allows for the verification and calibration of numerical models with the experimental results.”

It said that the findings of the project will likely be implemented in industry.

The project is being financed as part of an EU MARTEC ERA-NET initiative with funding provided by Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development.

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