Waterjets to help boost ferry performance

24 Oct 2017
Incat Armas

The Incat Armas catamaran ferry will be fitted with four Wärtsilä waterjets

A ferry operator hopes to keep its competitive edge by powering a new high-speed catamaran with waterjets.

Naviera Armas’ 109m long ferry will be fitted with four modular Wärtsilä waterjets to boost its performance.

Arto Lehtinen, vice president of propulsion at Wärtsilä Marine Solutions, said: “The proven design of the Wärtsilä LJX 1500SRI waterjet encompasses high efficiency, excellent hydrodynamic performance, minimised noise and vibration, and less maintenance.”

2019 launch

Being built at the Incat shipyard in Tasmania, Australia, the Incat Armas will commence operations in Spanish waters in 2019.

The four waterjets with a control system will be delivered to the yard in October 2018.

The vessel will be the third Incat-built high speed catamaran incorporating Wärtsilä waterjets to join the Naviera Armas fleet.

Longstanding partnership

Wärtsilä has worked closely with Incat for almost thirty years and this is the second order placed by the yard with Wärtsilä this year. Altogether, 174 modular Wärtsilä waterjets have been delivered to Incat.

Incat's Tim Burnell, stated: “"We have extensive experience with Wärtsilä waterjets and know that they can deliver the power and reliability demanded by the owners.

“The project is based on getting ferry customers to their destination in the most efficient manner and with the highest level of comfort and reliability.”

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