Mitsubishi makes progress on low-pressure EGR

19 Feb 2015

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is working on an IMO Tier III compliant scrubber system that it says will achieve lower equipment and operational costs than high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems.

As reported last year, MHI had already developed a Tier III compliant EGR that is reported to reduce SOx and particulate matter emissions by 98%, and NOx emissions by 80%. The new low-pressure model is intended to offer cost savings by its position on the downstream side of the exhaust gas economiser.

MHI said the simple structure of the system would ensure a high degree of reliability. The company presented its update to shipowners at a user conference in Imabari, Japan yesterday (18 February).

The 70-strong audience was also presented with a new ‘after-sales service menu’, designed in response to feedback from MHI customers. The menu includes service for UE engines, MET turbochargers and propellers.

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