A combined force for scrubber solutions

24 Aug 2016
Damen says it can now offer shipowners a total solution to the IMO requirements

Damen says it can now offer shipowners a total solution to the IMO requirements

Damen Shipyards Group has signed a sales agreement with scrubber producer AEC Maritime to enable owners exclusive access to efficient, low maintenance and IMO-certified exhaust gas scrubber technologies.

With the inclusion of scrubber expertise to its existing knowledge of Ballast Water Treatment Systems, Damen said it has added an important facet to its strategy to provide ship owners with a total solution to the latest IMO requirements.

Marcel Karsijns, director green solutions, Damen, said: “This will allow all activities – on-board visits, 3D-scanning, engineering, piping, project management and Installation – to be executed under one roof. It will really unburden the client.”

AEC Maritime is a business that draws upon substantial experience and cooperation with its sister company AEC Systems which has already installed more than 2,600 land-based scrubber systems. The company diversified to maritime scrubber systems four years ago.

AEC’s scrubbers can be installed on all types of engine and allow vessels to run on traditional Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) instead of the more expensive Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

They remove more than 98% of sulphur from exhaust gases thus exceeding IMO requirements and the systems also comply with MARPOL Annex VI (MEPC 58 and 59).

While AEC Maritime’s scrubbers have met with success in the shipping industry, a limiting factor for the company was that it lacked a maritime background. So it’s response was to look for a suitable maritime partner capable of offering that scope, namely Damen.

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