ABB launches small turbocharger range

01 Dec 2001

ABB Turbo Systems has launched a new range of small turbochargers for high flow rates and high pressure ratios. The TPS..-F33 range consists of four different turbocharger sizes and is capable of pressure ratios as high as four-point-seven to one (4.7:1). The range features an aluminium alloy compressor wheel with a target lifetime of 50,000 hours. Uls Gribi, technical director of ABB Turbo Systems, confirms aluminium alloy was chosen after extensive stress optimisation analysis confirmed its ability to withstand the increased pressure ratio. The range also features a recirculation device on the inlet side. The TPS..-F33 is targeted at meeting the requirements of small medium-speed and large high-speed engines in the power output range of 500-3,200kW. The turbochargers have the same outline dimensions as the TPS..D/E range. This results in increased power density, says ABB. In August this year, sales of TPS turbochargers passed the 5,000 mark.

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