ABS Group announces acquisition of asset management provider

24 Feb 2012

ABS Group of Companies has announced its acquisition of US-based maintenance and asset management solutions provider Genesis Solutions.

In little more than a decade, Genesis Solutions is said to have grown to become a leading provider of integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) services. With operations in the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia, Genesis Solutions will align with ABS Group’s global footprint and complement existing asset management capabilities. Genesis Solutions will be combined with ABS Consulting’s existing reliability and maintenance management group to form a new EAM competency centre.

According to ABS Group CEO, Tony Nassif, “The acquisition of Genesis Solutions will enable ABS Consulting to immediately expand our capabilities to deliver full-service EAM solutions to our extensive customer base in the maritime, oil and gas, nuclear, renewable and government market sectors.”

ABS Consulting president David Walker added that, “In particular, their systems and technology experience with all of the major EAM and computerized maintenance management system software tools will equip ABS Consulting with a portfolio of solutions to directly improve customers’ bottom lines through reduced downtime, improved efficiency and reduced labor and material costs.”

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