ABS invests in Singapore

11 Apr 2013
Christopher J  Wiernicki, president and CEO of ABS

Christopher J Wiernicki, president and CEO of ABS

Classification society ABS has announced significant investments in Singapore which it says will strengthen engineering and survey capabilities, as well as lay the ground for strategic global initiatives.

The company will build on operational expansions that began in 2012 by increasing staff, primarily through local recruitment of engineers, surveyors and researchers. This will increase its capabilities in Singapore, enabling it to address the challenging technology requirements of marine and offshore operations.

Christopher J Wiernicki, president and CEO of ABS, said: "We are moving in step with Singapore as it continues to expand its presence in global trade. These investments represent a continuation of our long term commitment to Singapore, elevating its significance as an integral part of ABS' future."

ABS will also set up the Singapore Innovation and Research Centre (SIRC) to expand R&D activity to include marine operations and performance management.

SIRC will be involved with the recent ABS-MPA Maritime Technology Professorship Programme, which will promote marine and offshore related research and education in Singapore.

At the same time, the ABS Global Performance Centre will address industry needs in operational performance and energy efficiency.

ABS says that the SIRC and the Global Performance Centre will be vital to its Class of the Future, which will focus on the next generation of safety performance and management systems.

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