ABS launches SafeHull Express

02 Dec 2003

ABS unveiled a new version of the technically advanced ABS SafeHull system at the Marintec China maritime exhibition and conference in Shanghai which represents a quantum leap in ease and efficiency.

The latest release, SafeHull Express, has been expressly created to assist design engineers and shipyards develop approved tanker designs more quickly and simply. A version for double hull bulk carriers will be released in the spring of 2004.

It has been developed in close cooperation with shipyard designers, several of whom participated as members of the development team, and in conjunction with NAPA and MSC Software, two leading providers of design related software to designers and shipyards worldwide.

"This multi-disciplinary input has resulted in a system whose speed and ease-of-use are unprecedented for ship design software," says ABS Senior Vice President Technology, Jim Card. "This release provides seamless integration of classification software into the ship design process helping shipyards develop approved designs more quickly and easily."

"Classification software must do more than merely confirm compliance with class Rules," says ABS Executive Vice President, Dr Donald Liu. "It must dovetail with the shipyard?s design process; provide the designer with tools that will facilitate the development of a valid design in the shortest reasonable time; and help achieve quick turnaround time of the plan approval process."

"Using ABS SafeHull Express, design evaluation that previously took several weeks will have been reduced to less than 14 days," says Liu. ABS claims that SafeHull Express provides a simple, intuitive workflow menu for initial scantling design that guides the user through the most common ship design practices step by step. To meet shipyard requirements for 3-dimensional CAD systems for production design and manufacturing, SafeHull Express brings the benefits of 3D into the earliest stages of the design cycle to help speed-up the design process.

The system also provides easy to use templates to generate geometry and scantlings of the main hull structures, building a 3-dimensional hull structure automatically, and smoothly integrating user friendly 2-D views with 3-D modeling. Building a 3-D hull structural model in the early design stage can provide more accurate estimates of material and construction cost, helping the shipyard to prepare bidding contracts.

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