Amends, revisions and upgrades from ClassNK

19 Jun 2012
ClassNK Chairman and President, Noboru Ueda

ClassNK Chairman and President, Noboru Ueda

There is plenty of news from ClassNK this week including new amendments to rules, revised guidelines, updated software and news of an agreement to conduct statutory certifications on behalf of the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration.

New amendments to ClassNK rules this week include new notations for ships with special equipment based on requests from the maritime industry and amendments related to the cantilevered structure of general cargo ships based on the results of ClassNK research and development projects – among others.

Class NK has also just announced an agreement with the Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration to conduct statutory certifications on behalf of the flag administration.

Under the agreement, the Tokyo-based classification society is now authorised to perform surveys and issue certificates in accordance with SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line, TM69 and other international conventions on behalf of the Lithuanian flag. This agreement makes Lithuania the 105th flag administration to delegate authority for statutory certifications to ClassNK.

There is also a new revised edition of ClassNK’s Guidelines for Hull Girder Torsional Strength Assessment  this week, comprising the society’s Guidelines for Container Carrier Structures. The Guidelines for Container Carrier Structures are comprised of a total of four separate guidelines developed to help shipyards and designers address a number of technical aspects of container carrier design.

Lastly, there is a new revised and upgraded version of ClassNK’s PrimeShip-HULL(DSA)/Guideline for Containers Carriers, software designed to rapidly perform the calculations laid out in the new revised guidelines. It has new functions and a handy user assistance system to guide users through the entire calculation process. This software is provided free of charge to shipyards and designers who plan to perform structural assessments based on the guidelines.

More details on all the above is available from the ClassNK website.

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