Another acquisition for Kittiwake

15 Jun 2011
A Kittiwake Holroyd instrument beng used for vibration testing

A Kittiwake Holroyd instrument beng used for vibration testing

UK company Kittiwake Developments has announced the acquisition of Holroyd Instruments, a manufacturer of acoustic emission technology, which Kittiwake says will strengthen its presence in condition monitoring.

The newly named Kittiwake Holroyd supplies acoustic emission instruments for the early detection of problems in a wide range of applications, all relating to monitoring the condition of rotating machinery. Holroyd’s product range includes portable instruments, permanently installed remote sensors for areas of difficult access, as well as stand-alone programmable smart sensors for continuous surveillance. The company has pioneered autonomous signal processing algorithms – for example its proprietary Distress parameter - which remove the need for machine specific interpretations.

Providing real time information with early sensitivity to faults and applicability to a wide range of rotational speeds, the acoustic emission technique is based on the detection of the high frequency component of naturally occurring stress waves. Kittiwake says that acoustic emission technology is suitable for continuously running machinery as well as machinery operating intermittently or for short durations, allowing the user to diagnose problems with machinery at an early stage, carry out maintenance procedures and then monitor the improvement.

Martin Lucas, managing director, Kittiwake Developments explained: “Holroyd’s acoustic emission technology places the power of condition monitoring directly into the hands of every marine engineer. Traditional vibration analysis has provided a trusted approach to condition monitoring for the past thirty years, but it is a complex science and requires sophisticated knowledge and understanding. Holroyd’s acoustic emission approach to vibration and stress offers a viable alternative, extending and simplifying the science, making it accessible to anyone.”

Trevor Holroyd, technical director, Kittiwake Holroyd commented: “We know – unequivocally - that Holroyd’s acoustic emission technology is unrivalled. The alliance with Kittiwake provides the infrastructure, global scale and market knowledge to unlock the growth potential that we know is possible, and we have no doubt that the marine marketplace is hungry for this simple but effective addition to the condition monitoring weapons armoury.”
Lucas concluded: “As the importance of avoiding down time, generating efficiencies and increasing machinery life continues to escalate, Kittiwake is committed to developing technologies that empower the user to make better decisions, faster. By ‘deskilling’ technology we enable informed maintenance decisions to be made quickly and with confidence. This latest addition to the Kittiwake product portfolio ensures that we continue to provide our customers with market-leading asset control and protection solutions that directly impact the bottom line. We’re looking forward to working with this dedicated team of specialists, with years of experience in the design, manufacture and development of acoustic emission techniques to provide yet another form of cost effective asset protection for our customers.”

Despite the challenging financial climate, Kittiwake Developments says it achieved approaching 10% growth in 2010. This latest announcement follows the recent acquisition of Procal, a provider of in-situ emissions monitoring technology. Kittiwake continues to explore various expansion strategies to achieve ambitious growth plans, with further significant announcements expected during the second half of 2011.

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