Another LNG powered PSV for Norway

05 May 2011
Kleven Maritime has contracted the VS499 LNG PSV design from Wärtsilä

Kleven Maritime has contracted the VS499 LNG PSV design from Wärtsilä

Another LNG-fuelled platform supply vessel (PSV) is to be built for a Norwegian owner – to the VS499 design from Wärtsilä Ship Design. Wärtsilä will also supply propulsion machinery, automation and other equipment.

The PSV will be built by Kleven Maritime for operator Rem Offshore. Wärtsilä claims that this order strengthens its position as clear market leader in design and propulsion for LNG powered offshore ships, and its position as a total solutions provider and a system integrator offering single-source supply.

This will be the first Rem Offshore PSV with the capability of running on LNG. The VS499 design is based on the VS489 LNG PSV design, and features increased energy efficiency, a new hull form, fuel flexibility, combined with high fuel economy and cargo capacity.

In addition to the ship design, Wärtsilä's scope of supply includes the dual-fuel main engines and generating sets, the electrical power and propulsion systems, integrated automation, and the power management system. The DF engines can operate on MDO if required, though LNG will be the main fuel.

Wärtsilä says that this order represents its third new LNG PSV contract within a short period of time, and offers further evidence of the growing global demand for the gas electric propulsion system configuration. The Wärtsilä system is based on its low loss concept for electric propulsion, combined with the 34DF and the recently introduced 20DF engine types.

"The unique combination of our design capabilities and technology strengths enables us to provide a 'big picture' perspective that has real value, particularly in special vessels such as this one," commented Tor Henning Vestbøstad, sales manager, Wärtsilä Ship Design. "The integrated solution, utilising Wärtsilä's dual-fuel engines and low loss concept, means that the customer will have the highest possible redundancy and reliability - and a highly efficient vessel, for operation in all conditions. The energy efficiency, cargo capacity and overall performance are all outstanding," he adds. Vestböstad also emphasises the company's collaboration with both Rem Offshore and Kleven, which has been an important factor in the success of this project.

The company stresses the benefits of fuel flexibility. At a time of uncertainty in the cost of liquid fuels, and as environmental legislation becomes increasingly stringent, this flexibility enables the use of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly LNG as the main fuel. In case of interruption to the gas supply, Wärtsilä DF engines automatically switch to diesel mode operation without reduction of speed or power output.

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