Audience focus critical to future of maritime PR, says survey

31 Aug 2017

A survey conducted by PR and marketing agency Wake Media has indicated that media agencies and industry marketers need to better understand their audience.

The online questionnaire surveyed almost 600 journalists, revealing mixed opinions on how PR companies conduct their business and outlining future priorities.

"For the love of God know your audience, and mine, before you send me stuff,” said one respondent.

On a scale of 1 to 5 of how crucial PR agencies will be in the future of the maritime industry, the answer leaned towards the positive at 3.36. Asked if journalists would increasingly use agencies for assistance, a little under half (43.4%) agreed, with 36.7% either undecided on disagreeing.

The survey advises agencies to better understand their audiences and build stronger relationships. It highlighted a need for companies to deliver a more targeted approach to content and communication tools used.

Kami Paulson, head of marketing and communications, Wake Media, commented: “It is important to keep in touch with the views of the media who represent our industry and better understand some of their concerns and challenges, as well as identify what we do well.”

To receive a copy of the survey, visit the Wake Media website