Caterpillar launches smaller dual-fuel MaK

02 Jun 2013
The M 34 DF is based on the M 32 C

The M 34 DF is based on the M 32 C

Caterpillar has formally announced that it is developing a dual-fuel version of another of its MaK medium-speed propulsion engines.

The M 34 DF is based on the M 32 C, with which it shares the footprint and major dimensions. It is rated at 500 kW/cylinder at 720 and 750 rpm in diesel and gas modes. Caterpillar claims that although designed for unlimited operation on LNG, marine diesel oil and HFO, the M 34 DF will reach industry- leading efficiency in gas mode. First engine deliveries are foreseen for October 2014, in time for the January 2015 ECA fuel sulphur limit changes.

With 340mm bore and 460mm stroke, the engine is aimed principally at the offshore support vessel and small cargo ship propulsion markets. It features new real-time combustion monitoring, flexible camshaft technology functionality with a lower valve train, and new monitoring systems for enhanced operational safety. 

“It was important for us that M 34 DF and M 32 C share the same footprint features, and the same system interfaces. The M 34 DF was designed to provide operators with industry-leading thermal efficiency for lowest total cost of operation,” said Detlef Kirste, MaK product definition manager. “The engine offers optimised load response and load stability in addition to numerous support features, such as remote monitoring and engine system diagnostics, helping engine operators with their daily service and maintenance work. Our target was to keep the typical MaK marine engine attributes like reliability, safety and efficiency while striving for an engine design that is easy to service and maintain.”

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