CCTV system aids LNG carrier surveillance

23 Aug 2011
Kongsberg CCTV surveillance equipment

Kongsberg CCTV surveillance equipment

Kongsberg Maritime says that it has delivered eight high performance CCTV systems for installation on National Gas Shipping Company’s (NGSCO) entire fleet of LNG carrier ships, operating in the Middle East.

Each system comprises a range of above-deck PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) and fixed camera stations with lowlight (day/night) viewing capabilities and washers and wipers, along with a multichannel telemetry matrix controller and 350GB digital video recorder (DVR), and an additional control and viewing station.

New CCTV cabling will be used to install the equipment on the four Al Khaznah class vessels – the Al Khaznah, Shahama, Ghasha and Ish – and existing cabling will be used to upgrade the four Mubaras class vessels – the Mubaras, Mraweh, Al Hamra and Umm Al Ashtan.

The project was secured in conjunction with Unique Systems FZE, Kongsberg Maritime’s local sales agent. Unique Systems FZE is assisting in the installation and commissioning of the systems with two vessels refits having been completed in April, another in July and the remaining five planned over the next few months.

The new Kongsberg systems replace the original ships’ CCTV systems and will be used to monitor critical above deck processes. According to Kongsberg, the new systems provide improved video image quality, more flexible control, viewing and recording options and maximum durability for operating in hostile marine conditions, with above-deck units manufactured in marine grade stainless steel.

Dan Williams, business development manager at Kongsberg Maritime comments: “The safe transportation of LNG is in itself a challenging process and it is vital that reliable CCTV surveillance equipment is used to monitor on deck processes and ensure safe operations. Kongsberg Maritime and Unique Systems FZE secured this contract via a competitive tender, based on the quality of our marine CCTV systems offering. It’s very satisfying to work with NGSCO and we look forward to developing our strong relationship with them going forward.”

Kongsberg Maritime Middle East DMCCO and Unique Systems FZE have a long lasting cooperation with NGSCO, with systems installed on many of its vessels and ongoing service and maintenance support agreements in place.

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