Changes in Secretariat at IMO

03 Jan 2012
Koji Sekimizu

Koji Sekimizu

After taking office on 1 January 2012, the new secretary-general of the International Maritime Organization, Koji Sekimizu, has announced a number of changes in the structure of the IMO Secretariat.

Mr Sekimizu said: “The biggest challenge I see in the coming years, in terms of management of the Organization, is how to improve the ‘delivery mechanism’ in the Secretariat to address the demanding issues we face, such as anti-piracy measures, the introduction of the mandatory Member State Audit Scheme and our ever-increasing workload. To address this will require effective human resource deployment and redeployment, the creation of new ways of handling our work and improvements to our working methods. It will also require close co-operation between the Secretariat and Member Governments.”

In order to meet the future challenges, Mr Sekimizu transferred assistant secretary-general, Andrew Winbow, from the administrative division to the maritime safety division, as its director. Mr Sekimizu further transferred Jo Espinoza-Ferrey from the marine environment division to head the administrative division as its director, and consequentially promoted Stefan Micallef to the post of director of the marine environment division.

To ensure that IMO makes further progress dealing with piracy, Mr Sekimizu appointed Hartmut Hesse as special representative of the secretary-general for maritime security and anti-piracy programmes. Hesse will be taking responsibility for the implementation of the Djibouti Code of Conduct and will also act as the IMO representative to conferences and meetings dealing with piracy issues.

In order to prepare for the successful introduction of the mandatory member state audit scheme and to provide ample resources for these activities, Mr Sekimizu has reorganised the sub-division for implementation and coordination of the maritime safety division into a department for member state audit and implementation support in the maritime safety division. Laurence Barchue was appointed as head of the new department.

Finally, the secretary-general also decided to strengthen the functions dealing with internal audit and matters of ethics and appointed K-R Min as the senior deputy director in charge of the internal oversight and ethics office.

The changes announced result in a changed composition of the senior management committee which aims to provide the leadership necessary for a revitalised and forward-looking organisation, as indicated below:

Secretary-general, Koji Sekimizu
Assistant secretary-general/director, maritime safety division, A. Winbow
Assistant secretary-general/director, legal and external relations division, R. Balkin
Director, conference division, O. O’Neil
Director, technical co-operation division, J. Zhu
Director, administrative division, j. espinoza ferrey
director, marine Environment Division, S. Micallef
Special adviser on environmental protection standards, D. Du
Head, department of member state audit and implementation support, L. Barchue
Special representative of the secretary-general on maritime security and anti-piracy programmes, H. Hesse
Senior deputy director, internal oversight and ethics office, K-R. Min
Head, executive office of the secretary-general, J. Thompson
Head, policy and planning unit, J. Loldrup

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