ClassNK and NMRI examine damage stability

21 Oct 2011

Classification Society ClassNK and Japan’s National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI) have recently held an international workshop in Tokyo on risk-based assessment of ship safety.

The event, which included presentations by experts from IMO and European maritime universities as well as researchers from NMRI and ClassNK, drew over 100 attendees from Japan’s maritime industry.

As a result of the discussion, the workshop confirmed the following points:

  • new IMO standards should be based on both goal-based and risk-based approaches;
  • it would be possible to use probabilistic approaches to develop bottom damage stability requirements.

In addition to these discussions, a number of other important points were raised, including:  

  • that the introduction of probabilistic approaches would make it possible to scientifically assess ship safety as well develop new innovative ship designs; and
  • risk-based approaches to bottom damage stability requirements should consider the unique characteristics of grounding incidents.

Class NK says that as bottom damage stability requirements are expected to be debated by the IMO’s SLF Sub-Committee as part of revisions to Chapter II-1 of the SOLAS convention, and as Project GOALDS is currently investigating the use of risk-based damage stability models and requirements, the workshop presented an important opportunity for leading minds from Asia and Europe to exchange opinions and ideas about this increasingly important topic in maritime safety.

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