ClassNK eco software on LNG carriers

06 May 2015
ClassNK-Napa Green software will help drive efficiency across the Asian LNG carrier's fleet

ClassNK-Napa Green software will help drive efficiency across the Asian LNG carrier's fleet

Maritime software house NAPA and ClassNK are to install a jointly-designed new performance monitoring system onboard an Asian LNG carrier’s fleet.

The ClassNK-NAPA GREEN system has been installed to work in conjunction with NAPA’s Gas Tanker Loading Computer, a loading support product, to provide a full 360˚ view of the operation of the vessels.

This GREEN solution has been designed especially for LNG carriers to ensure transparent and accurate measurement of performance and efficiency, including measurement of boil-off. The measurements are said to be easy to interpret onboard by crew, as well as being remotely and automatically shared with shore-based reporting systems – delivering vital data that can be passed between owner, operator and chartering cargo owner.

“By developing this specialist performance monitoring solution, NAPA and ClassNK are making it possible for transparent and easily understood information to be automatically shared between onboard personnel, vessel owners, operators, charterers and cargo owners – providing much-needed assurance that the vessel is operating at the most economically viable profile,” said Jouni Salo, product manager, shipping solutions, NAPA.

“In addition we have ensured that the performance monitoring system is able to fully integrate with our existing Gas Tanker Loading Computer. The integration of this system with performance monitoring is the first of its kind and will enable all involved to ensure safe, efficient and optimum end-to-end operations,” he added.

As with other ClassNK-NAPA GREEN solutions, the LNG-specific software also provides effective and actionable analytics around fuel consumption, trim, route, speed and operational efficiency. However, unlike standard ClassNK-NAPA GREEN systems, it is tailored to take into account the various fuels used by LNG Carriers – meaning it can adapt to provide the most accurate operational analysis depending on the fuel used.

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