ClassNK guidelines for NOx reduction

09 Nov 2011
ClassNK has released new guidelines to help reduce NOx emissions

ClassNK has released new guidelines to help reduce NOx emissions

ClassNK has announced the launch of new guidelines for Selective Catalytic Systems (SCRs) and Redundant Agent Supply Systems for commercial vessels.

These guidelines aim to strengthen nitrogen oxide (NOx) regulations by the amendment to the MARPOL regulations which entered into force in July 2010.

The guidelines clearly outline safety protocols for installing, maintaining and certifying these systems – which are essential in bringing new technology and alternative fuels into practical use on commercial vessels.

SCR systems have a proven track record – a single SCR can reduce NOx emissions by 80%, so it is expected that they will be used more widely on vessels in future.

Yukihito Fujinami, General Manager of ClassNK’s Machinery Rules Development Department said: “In addition to summarising standard design specifications based on the IBC Code, IGC Code and Rules for Cargo Refrigerating Installations, the guideline also provides specific requirements for systems using reduction agents that require safe storage specifications, such as urea and ammonia, and we believe the guidelines will be an incredibly useful tool for manufacturers, shipyards, and owners looking to install such systems on their vessels”.

The amendment to MARPOL requires 80% reductions in NOx emissions from diesel engines beginning 2016.

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