CMM receives oil and chemical tanker

23 Nov 2012
The 'King Gregory' was delivered earlier this month

The 'King Gregory' was delivered earlier this month

Korea’s Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) has delivered the oil and chemical tanker, the ‘King Gregory’, to Greek operational service provider, Consolidated Marine Management (CMM).

The King Gregory, which was delivered earlier this month, is the first of two medium range (MR) IMO II and II class oil and chemical tankers ordered by CMM in August 2011. Classed by Lloyd's Register, it complies with all Exxon Mobil 2010 mandatory requirements and others including those for STS operations such as vapour emission control systems, certified cranes for personnel transportation and oil water separators certified for 5ppm.

The vessel has been equipped with two of JRC’s electronic chart displays and information systems for safe operation and a ballast water treatment system supplied by Ocean Saver – the first system to be installed in an MR type tanker with deep well cargo pumps. It is estimated that, in ballast condition and with a speed of 12.5 knots, the ship will consume no more than 17.5 tonnes of fuel, making it environmentally friendly.

Kostas Vlachos, chief operating officer, CMM, said: “The vessel is equipped with an electronic main engine, a larger diameter propeller, mewis duct and ship performance monitoring which transmits data to the office. Performance monitoring includes, but is not limited to, the monitoring of daily and specific fuel oil consumption and CO2 emissions, the trim of the ship, and other key data, to help ensure the optimum performance.”

The vessel is under a three year charter with Cargill Ocean Transportation.

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