Contract signed for B.Delta 37 bulkers

20 Nov 2011

Deltamarin has contracted with Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, part of CSIC Group, for designs for four ‘green’ Handysize Bulk Carriers to be built for M.T. Maritime Management and Strategic Shipping.

Deltamarin will take care of the basic and detail designs of the vessels as well as of technical procurement handling. Deltamarin will employ a site team to take the design to production. This is the second order for the B.Delta37 standard bulk carriers, which are claimed to offer improved deadweight, cubic capacity and very low fuel consumption compared to other available designs.

The overall vessel length will be below 180m and the beam 30m. The service speed at design draught is 14.0 knots. Capacity is 40,000dwt at scantling draught. The vessels will have five cargo holds and can take 50,000m3 of cargo. Forecasts suggest a daily fuel oil consumption at design draft of 18t including 15% sea margin, ISO condition, and annual output of CO2 is estimated to be reduced by 5,000 tonnes compared to existing vessels in the same size range. The design work will be carried out at Deltamarin’s offices in Europe and China and through the partner network.

Deltamarin says it has 21 bulk carriers on order to its designs, with several options already signed for Panamax, Lakers and B.Delta37 types. All vessel types have been tested at the HSVA model basin in Hamburg with reported very good correlation to full scale.

The first B.Delta37 standard designs are being built for the French shipowner Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, also at Tianjin Xingang shipyard. Derivative designs of B.Delta are currently under construction at Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry (Laker bulk carriers and self unloaders) and at Chengxi Shipyard (Panamax self unloaders), part of CSSC Group.

Deltamarin reports serious discussions ongoing with several ship owners for continuation of the B.Delta25, B.Delta37, B.Delta64 and B.Delta82 series. The lower fuel and operating costs and added cargo capacity are claimed to interest ship owners, while the lower light ship weight resulting in less required steel and the optimised hull form benefit shipyards. The B.Delta37 series has been further developed with several alternative designs including box shape holds for steel and coil cargoes, ice class, timber deck cargo and similar.

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