Control upgrade for older separators

21 May 2012
The EPC 60 Retrofit kit

The EPC 60 Retrofit kit

Alfa Laval recently announced the launch of the EPC 60 Retrofit, an upgrade kit intended to enhance older control systems of previous generations of Alfa Laval centrifugal separators with the modern EPC 60 control unit.

The kit allows owners of 30-year-old Alfa Laval centrifuges to modernise the entire separation system with a marine-approved PLC system with modular I/O cards. Upgrading an older control system is said to deliver significant financial gains in the form of improved system reliability, a secure spare parts supply and less downtime.

The EPC 60 Retrofit kit offers a hardware and software upgrade for the control systems, including the IPC 231, EPC 30, EPC 41 and EPC 400, of several older Alfa Laval separator types. These systems, such as the MAPX, WHPX, MOPX, FOPX, LOPX and MFPX, were developed in the 1970s and 1980s, but the company fears that their  ageing control systems pose risks to reliable operation.

“Upgrading older Alfa Laval control systems secures the reliability and extends the service lifetime of the entire separation system. In addition, it raises product quality, increases production capacity and delivers more uptime,” says Magnus Nordin, general manager, parts & service, marine & diesel equipment, Alfa Laval. “This has a direct impact not only on return on investment but also on the bottom line.”

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