Damen to launch mobile BWTS

28 May 2014
Damen’s InvaSave mobile BWTS can be truck-mounted for portability, while one or more units can be installed on a specially-designed barge

Damen’s InvaSave mobile BWTS can be truck-mounted for portability, while one or more units can be installed on a specially-designed barge

Damen Shipyards Group reports that it is to introduce a mobile ballast water treatment unit, under the ‘InvaSave’ name, which the company describes as “pioneering”.

The containerised mobile unit provides ship owners with what is claimed to offer a cost-effective alternative to retrofitting fixed BWT systems. To accompany the unit, Damen has developed a mobile treatment vessel to operate in ports and support ship deballasting operations. The first of these customised barges, fitted with InvaSave units, is now under construction for service in the Dutch ports of Eemshaven and Delfzijl. The project is part-funded by the ‘Waddenfonds’ organisation, which focuses on the Waddensea UNESCO world heritage site.

Damen says that its mobile solution not only avoids considerable retrofit investments, but means ballast water only needs treating at the point of discharge, in contrast to fixed onboard BWTS installations that also need to treat ballast water at intake. Damen says it can deliver the system as separate mobile containers, each able to handle300 m³/h, and which can be scaled up by using multiple units. The system has been successfully tested in the challenging waters of the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer and is currently undergoing certification by the Dutch Flag State.

Gert Jan Oude Egberink, Damen manager ballast water treatment, said: “We have been looking into what we can do to help our customers regarding ballast water treatment and finding alternatives for those owners that may not want to retrofit a ballast water treatment system, perhaps because their ships operate on fixed routes or their ships are too old and make the investment in a system prohibitively expensive. Ports may also need to provide back-up, in case a ship’s onboard treatment systems fail. This is all in-house technology and is very simple to use – essentially it is a plug & play system in one container. Vessels only need to have a deck connection. Using this mobile treatment unit, owners and operators will be fully compliant with both the IMO and US regulations.”

In addition to its own mobile BWT system, Damen says it offers impartial advice on type-approved BWT systems for onboard retrofitting, as well as retrofit engineering and installation in Damen Shiprepair & Conversion’s 16 repair and conversion yard facilities, with 40 dry docks worldwide. The company will carry out an onboard survey, 3D scans, onsite surveying and pre-engineering, prepare integration plans, carry out purchasing, manufacture the piping, prepare the ship, instal and commission, including trials, plus provide training and supply the BW management plan.

“If vessels are coming in for their special survey when the system has to be installed, we can do both things at once, providing a turnkey solution,” said Mr Oude Egberink. “We can install Damen selected technology or our customer’s choice of unit at a Damen or a non-Damen yard or afloat. I think there is no other company that has this one-stop-shop, with both the yard and engineering capacity and a vast knowledge of shipbuilding. We can be the BWT total solution provider and our customers have a trusted partner and peace of mind.”

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