Design and D-E system for support ship

03 May 2011
Sartor Shipping has contracted the VS465 design from Wärtsilä Ship Design

Sartor Shipping has contracted the VS465 design from Wärtsilä Ship Design

Wärtsilä reports that it has received orders for the vessel design and complete diesel electric drive installation for a new field support vessel, for Norwegian owner and operator Sartor Shipping.

The ship, to the Wärtsilä Ship Design VS65 design, will be employed in the North Sea oilfields on behalf of Statoil. The Bergen Group BMV shipyard in Norway, which is to build the vessel, placed theorder for a complete diesel electric propulsion system, comprising two Wärtsilä 6L32 and two Wärtsilä 6L20 generating sets, the electric and automation systems, the frequency drives, the gear and controllable pitch propeller, the tunnel thrusters, and a retractable thruster.

Wärtsilä points out that this is the first installation of the higher-power 32 engine, with increased rating from 500 to 575 kW/cylinder. The ship will also feature Wärtsilä's low loss concept (LLC) power distribution system for high-efficiency electric propulsion applications. A further innovation claimed by Wärtsilä for this ship is a so-called 4-split reliability on both the electrical (LLC) and mechanical side. The company explains this concept by no single failure resulting in any more than a 25% loss of power or capability. In addition to increased reliability, this is said to provide greater safety than the traditional ‘ 2-split’ arrangement, with a consequent risk of a 50% loss.

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