DNV and KOGAS study Korean LNG bunkering

21 Jan 2013

DNV and Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS), Korea’s national gas company, are to cooperate on a feasibility study on the establishment of an LNG bunkering infrastructure in Korea.

According to DNV, this will be one of the largest and most comprehensive feasibility studies yet initiated in the worldwide LNG bunkering industry. Under the terms of the agreement, DNV will undertake qualitative and quantitative studies into implementing LNG bunkering in ports in the south-eastern area, Pusan, and western area, Incheon and Pyeongtaek. This project will be led by Dr. Sun Il Yoo, senior customer service manager of DNV Korea, who will be assisted by the DNV Clean Technology Centre in Singapore.

KOGAS has formed consortiums with Korea’s major energy companies to carry out the feasibility study, and it will work jointly with Kyungnam Energy in the south-eastern area, and Samchully in the western area. DNV will aim to define commercial opportunities by addressing possible supply chains and infrastructures, technologies related to LNG shipping and bunkering, standards, regulations and issues regarding public acceptance.


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