DNV awards world’s first MLC 2006 certificate to Thenemaris

28 Jan 2010

The Thenamaris product carrier Seacrown is the world’s first Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) certificated vessel

DNV awarded Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.’s vessel, the Seacrown, the world’s first Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) certificate, consistent with a voluntary Declaration of Compliance (Part II) with the MLC.

Established in 2006, the primary goal of the MLC is to be a pillar in the international maritime regulatory framework, establishing a level playing field for seafarers’ working and living conditions. While MLC 2006 is not expected to come into force before December 2011 (based upon the EU’s scheduled ratification of the conventions by the end of 2010), DNV has already worked with some shipowners, including Thenamaris, to develop services for handling the convention, including the development of effective procedures and certification ahead of compliance deadlines.

Late last autumn, DNV’s MLC inspectors, headed by Frantziskos Kamizoulis, joined Thenamaris Ships Management aboard the Seacrown to verify that the 40,039 dwt product carrier was in compliance in all the 14 areas which the Maritime Labour Convention specifies must be inspected before certificates can be issued.

“We feel that the convention rightly focuses on the most precious asset of our shipping community – our seafarers,” says Mr. E. Vordonis, an executive director of Thenamaris. “We took the initiative to work with DNV to ensure our shore- and vessel-based systems are consistent with the new rules well ahead of compliance deadlines.”

Vordonis says that because DNV already serves as a systems auditor for Thenamaris, working with DNV to secure MLC compliance was a natural choice. “DNV’s technical expertise, competence in vessel and crew safety management and understanding of training standards and onboard best practices were critical to the successful completion of the project.”

DNV has been working to develop a broad range of MLC services, including training, seminars, document reviews, gap analysis and certification (issuance of a declaration of voluntary compliance). The company has gained valuable experience in providing these services to a number of different shipowners worldwide.

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