DNV classes T-0 heavy transport vessel

25 Feb 2011
Type 0 semi-submersible heavy transportation vessel ordered by Dockwise

Type 0 semi-submersible heavy transportation vessel ordered by Dockwise

DNV has secured a contract to class the world’s largest semi-submersible heavy transportation vessel (SSHTV) of Dockwise in Netherlands from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in South Korea.

The vessel is specially designed to transport more than 110,000 tonnes of offshore oil and gas production facilities including FPSO units. FPSO units are usually transported by two or three tug boats from shipyards to operating sites, taking months to mobilize on the sites. This super-heavy transportation vessel can halve the delivery time, helping move up the installation and commissioning time.

The vessel is scheduled to be handed over during the last quarter of 2012 and will be the world’s largest super semi-submersible vessel with an overall deck size of 275 x 70m, and a revolutionary bowless design. The new vessel has been categorised a Type 0 to reflect its exceptional size. Hitherto, the largest class of vessel has been Type 1 with cargo capabilities between 41,000 and 73,000 tonnes, of which Dockwise, as only provider in the market, already has two in service. It will be the first of its kind in service in the maritime transport industry and will add a unique capability to the Dockwise fleet.

The specification of the T-0 is subject to further detailed design engineering as Dockwise consults with clients and HHI offshore division engaged in fabricating the next generation of modular units. HHI’s flexibility in new-build design, together with its track record of on-schedule delivery and budget discipline, were key deciding factors in the award of the contract. The total cost of the vessel including all project and design costs, is expected to be approximately $240 million.

Kim, Young Ho, senior customer service manager, DNV said: “This will be a great opportunity for DNV to show our competence in the special ship market and strengthen the role of class as the leading classification society. This ship will be equipped with very complicated system for semi-submersible and auto positioning etc. DNV has big challenges to meet quality objective and production schedule together with HHI because there is no sufficient leading time for engineering and another challenge is to meet owner’s high expectations during approval and production. To create another success story, team work for effective cooperation and customer service mind at every aspect are essential.”

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