DNV restructures following KEMA takeover

29 Feb 2012
Remi Eriksen, new head of DNV’s maritime and oil & gas business: “The shipping industry is facing major changes on several fronts”

Remi Eriksen, new head of DNV’s maritime and oil & gas business: “The shipping industry is facing major changes on several fronts”

Det Norske Veritas is establishing a new group structure; following the recent transfer of the majority shareholding in KEMA, it aims to merge some activities to strengthen its industry position.

As of 1 March, DNV’s operations will be carried out through three separate companies: DNV Maritime and Oil & Gas, DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability – which incorporates the recently-acquired Dutch energy consultancy company KEMA - and DNV Business Assurance.

Current DNV CEO Henrik O. Madsen will become CEO of the DNV Group. DNV now consists of more than 10,000 employees and has offices in 100 countries. The company now claims an even stronger foothold in the USA, where DNV has 1,700 employees, as well as in China where it has more than 1,200 employees.

“Historically, DNV has been strongest in the shipping industry, and this is still true today. Our solid base in the maritime industry has allowed us to branch out into the oil and gas sector, where we now have a firmly established presence. From there, we have expanded into cleaner energy and built up our work in certification. Now we are further expanding into the fields of power generation and transmission, gas distribution and sustainable energy use by joining forces with KEMA,” says Mr Madsen.

DNV Maritime and Oil & Gas, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, will provide services to DNV’s traditional core markets. The classification society has a strong foothold in the offshore and oil and gas sectors. Its CEO will be Remi Eriksen, the current COO of DNV’s Asian operations. DNV president Tor E. Svensen will continue to be president of DNV Maritime and Oil & Gas. Mr Eriksen says: “Increased expectations regarding both safety and environmental performance represent big challenges for the shipping industry. We are well positioned to play our part as a safety net in shipping and as an innovative partner in bringing shipping forward in a more sustainable way. The shipping industry is facing major changes on several fronts, including escalating fuel prices, more regulations, overcapacity and fierce competition. In response, we now see a drive from shipowners and yards to develop innovative, safe, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly concepts, and these provide significant opportunities for DNV to contribute its technological expertise.”

DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, will provide services covering the entire energy value chain from energy source to end user. The company will be headed by Thijs Aarten, the current CEO of KEMA. DNV Business Assurance, headquartered in Milan, Italy, has operated as a separate legal entity in DNV since 2010, as a certification body. It will be headed by Luca Crisciotti, the current director of operations of DNV Business Assurance, Asia and Australia.

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