DNV scholarships at Indian IT universities

04 Feb 2005

DNV has entered into an agreement with two universities in India, i.e. Indian Institutes of Technology at Kanpur and Kharagpur. Both universities are recognised for their excellence in the field of information technology and software development.
"We?re very pleased we?ve now entered into an agreement that will be beneficial to India, Indian universities and Indian students as well as to Det Norske Veritas," states Regional Manager Ashok Balwani. "The agreement is a frame-contract, and DNV foresees a prompt start with two to three PhD students, and intends to increase the number of doctoral students to 5-10."

As part of its focus on research, DNV has for more than 20 years supported doctoral studies through a DNV scholarship programme. Until now, most of these doctoral studies have been conducted at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, as well as at leading US universities such as MIT and Stanford. India has been chosen as the first country after Norway and the USA because of the strong position held by Indian industry and universities in the fields of information technology and software development.

"Since we see that information technology and software intensive systems will have a major impact on societal risk assessment in the future, IT and software are a highly prioritised research area within DNV," states Ashok Balwani. "For the past year, we?ve been investigating the feasibility of supporting Indian PhD students doing research in the field of IT and software development at Indian universities. Of the universities, the Indian Institutes of Technology are ranked among the most distinguished in Asia. We have held discussions and negotiated with three of the most relevant IITs and have now concluded a frame contract for this type of research with IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur."

DNV Research, DNV?s strategic research arm, will be active in ensuring bidirectional flow of top knowledge between the universities, and DNV.