DNV to provide IMO with insight into US gas-fuelled shipping

18 Jun 2013

DNV reports that it has been appointed by IMO to gather knowledge about the potential of LNG powered international shipping in the North American Emission Control Area (ECA) and identify the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of LNG as a fuel source in the region.

According to DNV, natural gas is widely available in North America, but demand and supply are partly held up by logistical problems, while uncertainty about its feasibility as ship fuel is delaying investment decisions.

DNV’s feasibility study for IMO will address topics including:

  • Key trends for international shipping services in the North American ECA;
  • Ship types and routes;
  • Current and planned LNG infrastructure;
  • Mapping the regulatory regime;
  • Environmental benefits;
  • Assessment of technology readiness; and
  • Key enablers

The report will be delivered to the IMO in October.

“In developing LNG as an alternative fuel for short sea shipping, we foresee significant market opportunities for manufacturers, ship designers, and yards with focus on LNG technology. DNV’s involvement in research and innovation in LNG supply, storage, engines and emission issues has demonstrated that ship safety, market mechanisms, and operational regularity can be maintained when operating ships on LNG. But there are many variables and risks that have to be assessed and managed first, and we hope this study will contribute to this,” said Tony Teo, DNV’s technology and business director in the US.

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