Dometic unveils new products

11 Jun 2014
Dometic's new Sea Xchange Reverse Osmosis System was introduced this week

Dometic's new Sea Xchange Reverse Osmosis System was introduced this week

Dometic Marine introduced its two new products at Mercator Media Ltd’s Seawork International exhibition this week.

The first of the new products is the Dometic Livos Engine Room Ventilation Controls provide the user control over the function of 24 VDS cooling fans, which have been developed to solve the problem of excessive noise generated by the 24 VDS engine room cooling fans when they are running at full load, which can exceed that of the main engines.

The DC controls are temperature based and will activate the fans at 50% once the engine room reaches a temperature equal to the set point at the low end of the operating range. The fans will increase to 100% when the engine room temperature reaches the set point at the upper range of the operating range. When the engine room temperature reaches the lower set point, the fans will shut off.

In manual mode, the fans can be operated at 50% or 100%, which the company says is ideal for dockside use as the noise level at 50% is one-fifth of that at 100%.

Controls are also available for three-phase fans and blowers, as well as 24 VDC fans.

Dometic’s pressure and temperature monitoring fan controls are among a range of new ventilation equipment now on offer from Dometic following its acquisition of Livos Technologies.

The second new product on show at Seawork is the company’s Sea Xchange Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system, which is part of an exclusive worldwide marketing agreement with Florida-based Spot Zero Reverse Osmosis Inc to market and sell Spot Zero watermakers.

Using reverse osmosis to make potable water, the Sea Xchange SX series and commercial CX series of watermakers provide fresh water solutions for marine applications and range in sizes up to 20,000 gallons per day. The systems are used globally on offshore oil platforms, petroleum support vessels, commercial ships and military vessels.

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