Drilling productivity project expanded

18 Jul 2017
Maersk Drilling’s rig Integrator

Maersk Drilling’s rig Integrator. Image courtesy of Maersk Drilling

A project between GE and Maersk Drilling to reduce improve drilling process efficiency and productivity has been expanded to nine vessels and over 100 equipment assets in a multi-year deal.

GE’s SeaStream Insight Marine Asset Performance Management (APM) solution will be used to create real-time efficiency reports and performance indicators based on data gathered during daily offshore operations across Maersk Drilling’s fleet.

Jesper Hansen, CIO of Maersk Drilling, said: “We believe that the systematic adoption of reliability-centered maintenance analysis and digitization will be a step change in our industry, and Maersk Drilling plans to lead the way.”

The 2016 pilot project originally focussed on one vessel and asset in one year. The extended project will continue to target a 20% maintenance cost reduction, but will also cover 110 key pieces of equipment, such as the top drive, draw works, thrusters and main engines.

Maersk Drilling said that by offering performance analytics for rigs, it can reduce deviations and increase productivity in drilling operations such as tripping in, tripping out, running riser and pulling riser.

Maersk Drilling and GE have also developed digital twins — virtual representations of key equipment on the rig tuned through sensor and other equipment data – for use in predictive maintenance in major drilling and marine systems equipment.

The technology is designed to detect equipment anomalies that could result in an equipment breakdown and by using the digital twins in combination with GE’s zonal analytics, unnecessary maintenance and costs can be reduced, said Maersk Drilling.

The contract will start later this year.

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