Drillship orders for HiMSEN engines

01 Sep 2011
Hyundai-HiMSEN four-stroke medium speed engines

Hyundai-HiMSEN four-stroke medium speed engines

Hyundai Heavy Industries says it has won orders to supply HiMSEN marine engines for drillships for major offshore drilling companies including Noble Drilling Holding and Diamond Offshore Drilling.

98 HiMSEN engines, worth around $150 million, will be installed in 15 offshore drilling vessels. HHI says that six to eight marine engines are normally installed in a drillship to generate power for the thrusters and DP system..

Hyundai-says that the eco-friendly four-stroke medium speed engines are most often installed in diesel power packs, many of which have been exported to Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Since its first HiMSEN engine rolled off the line in 2001, Hyundai Heavy has achieved an aggregated production of 5,000 HiMSEN engines, which the company claims represents a 35% market share, and HHI points out that the engine has won several awards including the 2010 International Forum (iF) Design Award and Red Dot Design Award 2010.

“This is a great moment for us as we used to have to import marine engines for our drillships. Now, shipowners are beginning to recognize the superior quality of our HiMSEN engines and have begun ordering in earnest. We’re excited about this new development because it can considerably cut down on build and delivery times,” said a Hyundai Heavy official.

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