Drydocks, DNV work on LNG fuelled vessels

17 Jan 2011

Drydocks World and DNV have entered into a cooperation agreement focusing on innovation and operational efficiency.

DNV will provide technical assistance to Drydocks World’s innovative projects, and support the yard with technical expertise in conversion projects, specifically related to enhanced environmental performance of ships, including gas fuelled engines.

The innovation part of the agreement will, among other things, focus on future conversions of vessels going from traditional fuels to LNG. CEO Henrik Madsen of DNV said this was a ground-breaking agreement. “Dubai is in the heart of a region where there is an abundance of LNG. I find it very promising that DDW demonstrates willingness to look ahead and prepare for a shipping market where LNG will play a much more prominent part as fuel. We will bring in DNV’s unique competence on LNG fuelled vessels from more than 20 projects in Europe.”

DNV has recently unveiled a new concept VLCC with gas fuelled engines. “We are happy to co-operate with Drydocks World, which is one of the dominant shipyards in the world handling VLCCs and share some of our technical expertise especially related to fuel and energy efficient engines. LNG fuelled vessels are financially attractive in the long run, less polluting and opens a whole new concept in environment friendly ship technology,” said Madsen.

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